Your Experience Matters [POLL]

Thank you for choosing Hubitat Elevation! We hope you are enjoying your elevated home, so far. It is our goal to provide you the best possible home automation platform, but we cannot do it without your help.

Please help us serve you better by answering the questions below. Participation is voluntary and anonymous. However, if you would like to make specific comments or suggestions, we welcome your feedback.

How would you rate your purchase experience?

  • 5 — Excellent (everything went smoothly)
  • 4 — Good
  • 3 — OK (could be better)
  • 2 — Not good (frustrating)
  • 1 — Very bad (not worth the effort)

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How would you rate your setup experience?

  • 5 — Excellent. (getting up and running was easy)
  • 4 — Good (no major problems)
  • 3 — OK (A little more hassle/confusion than I expected)
  • 2 — Not good (required a great deal of support)
  • 1 — Very bad (not worth the effort)

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How would you rate your experience using the hub?

  • 5 — Excellent (this is the hub I’ve been looking for)
  • 4 — Good (a few hiccups, but overall, I’m satisfied)
  • 3 — OK (some difficulties with automations or integrations)
  • 2 — Not good (it is not meeting my expectations)
  • 1 — Very bad (I am no longer using the hub)

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A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the poll!

Taking part in our periodic surveys, gives us the opportunity to learn more about you, the user, so we could improve and make your experience of using Hubitat Elevation even better.

These polls will close in three days, so if you have not participated yet, please do so soon.

Thank you everyone, and if you happen to be a father, Happy Father's Day to you!