Yoolax Driver

Question, what is the best driver for a Yoolax roller shade with the P440 motor? I am currently using the Generic Zigbee Shade driver but it does not seem to update status very well. Open and close commands work fine and obey upper and lower limits set on the shade. But if I try and control the shade via Alexa (device passed from Hubitat) the upper and lower limits are not obeyed (I think because status is not being updated). Any advice for the best driver or how to better control via Alexa?

Any ideas on this one? Based on some comments I switched to the IKEA Window Blinds driver which seems to update status better but I still have the issue of it not respecting limits when using voice commands via Alexa. Limits work fine if I control the blind via the interface or via rules but when I open the shade via Alexa (via the Amazon Echo Skill) it opens farther than it should.

Did you ever get this fixed ?

If you reset, then set the limits, then add it to hubitat I have seen that it keeps those limits. Doing a reset first is the key.