YoLink Integration


Is it possible? Yo Link temp sensors are incredible. I run them in our commercial kitchen and they report freezers and coolers, no problem. Reports -15F if needed. Really helped us once when the freezer frosted up. Their dashboard is way clunky, but functional. Would love to see Hubitat integration with YoLink devices reporting to the Hubitat dashboard.

Nope. AFAICT, they don’t have an API for access, and their gateway doesn’t have an MQTT client.


Their LoRa sensor lineup looks very interesting. Wish they implemented the standard LoRaWAN protocol, but if the hub indeed supports MQTT, it might be worth taking a look.

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Thank you for the replies....too bad. Like I said, their system is very slick. You scan the device/sensor with your phone camera and its paired. I think for remote monitoring of equipment (temp), water leaks, etc....the system is amazing. Push notifications, cloud access. The system saved our inventory already.


If any one is curious.....


I am not sure what I am looking at but is this the API?


Just a quick update. I bought the hub with a few sensors on Amazon. Yes, the hardware is very nice. Too bad it's strictly cloud based. I contacted the development team. They have HTTP and MQTT protocols that you can use to talk to their servers, but you need to request an authorization token of sort, and they are not very interested in supporting other developers.
Sorry, everything is going back for thing Monday morning :man_shrugging:t2:

Wow, too bad. They are seriously missing out on a huge customer base. Their thermometer sensors, in my opinion, are truly the best. Especially, the range and the temperature range that their units support. I have no trouble in monitoring temperatures through closed, steel commercial freezer boxes.

Agree, hardware is top notch.
However the strategy of ignoring standards like LoRaWAN and instead developing a completely closed and proprietary ecosystem is short sighted. They'll soon be just another home automation casualty.