Yet another thank you to Hubitat staff

In the past few weeks it seems like there’s been a trifecta of (or more) events that have resulted in a big increase in requests for help from the community. I’ve been incredibly impressed at how the team at Hubitat (and broader community) have been responding to all of these requests, and handling the pressure of growing a relatively new platform. I feel the Hubitat team deserves a lot of praise for what they are doing.

  1. New app - this resulted in a ton of people asking how to configure things like geofencing and presence. Additionally, having a lot of new users inevitably results in finding bugs that aren’t easy to catch during beta testing and QA. The Hubitat team has been super responsive nearly around the clock to so many questions.

  2. New release and rule machine 3.0 - again lots of questions and issues uncovered. But the issues have been swiftly addressed with rapid hot fixes. The staff (and broader community) have been great at helping people figure out how to create rules of varying complexity to handle their automations.

  3. Influx of Wink refugees - I’m sure the influx when Iris was shut down was bigger, but there have been a lot of positive Hubitat posts on the Wink subreddit that likely are bringing new customers to HE. I came over from Wink just 2 months ago. Wink made it super simple to set up devices and simple rules, but I now realize how incredibly limiting that platform was. I’ve invested heavily in new devices after I switched to HE once I realized all of the new possibilities along with the local processing speed. The learning curve for many of us from Wink can be steep, but this community and the staff have been patient with us and great at helping us understand how different, and in most ways better, Hubitat is.

The Hubitat team are people with families and lives. They are sacrificing a lot of personal time to make sure all of our important home automation stay working as well as possible. Are things perfect? Nothing ever is. But I am extremely happy with Hubitat and appreciative of the team behind it. It’s remarkable how many improvements have come out just in the few months I’ve had my HE! I hope they continue to see sustainable growth and are able to support this great platform for a long time to come.

I made this post because I know that for every one person posting about a complaint or an issue, there are way more people that are very happy with the platform. Most of us that are happy aren’t flocking to the message board to praise the team. (I have seen a few ‘thank you’ threads and posts which have been fantastic!) I imagine with the long hours and days that burnout is possible and I want to make sure the team knows how much we appreciate them.

I am so much happier with HE than where I came from, and my WAF is 10x higher than we were on Wink due to all of the new devices and automations. I hope the team knows how much they are appreciated and that they are able to rest and relax occasionally. :slight_smile: