Yet another spammy Tuya Presence Sensor (TS0601 _TZE204_kapvnnlk)

Yet another spammy Tuya Presence Sensor (TS0601 _TZE204_kapvnnlk) :


Amazon .com: (link)
AliExpress: (link)
AliExpress: (link)
AliExpress: (link)

Pros :

  • form-factor
  • mmWave/PIR Combo ?
  • battery backup ( 2 x AA)


  • as spammy as the rest of the Tuya TS0601 presence sensors
  • no illuminance sensor (or is it a pro's?)

Driver :

This is a new device and the driver is still in development. Only the basic functions ( motion active./inactive and distance reporting) are working at the moment.


First off all - VERY BIG THANK YOU for all your effort and support for these sensors.

Just in case I created a new separate driver instance for the testing and debugging
and assigned this one to this new sensor.

Log activity is pretty much quite. But you said the device is chatty. I guess, driver is killing
all unnecessary messages but RF signals are still present. Right?

Sensor works on batteries but current draw is around 160mA so, it will drain batteries very quickly.
I am not sure what is a use case for battery backup. Current driver always reports
powerSource : dc regardless of actual power source (USB-C or Battery).

Sensing surface is noticeably warm.
I wonder what is a transmitter RF power level if it heats surface.

Otherwise sensor response is quick and reports ACTIVE with very little motion or no
motion at all.


I forgot to mention:

  • Vertical adjustment is about 45-50 degree;
  • Horizontal adjustment is near 0 degree (manual said it is about 15 degree);

I'd like the battery feature because they will work with power interruptions. No need to put them on a backups or include them in the backup power circuits. Will work when a breaker is blown.

These should not be warm. Power is akin to BLE. If there is heat it's most likely coming from something else.

I'd be interested in seeing a tear down of this device.

If I can open it up without braking I will do this.

OK. Opening the case was an easy task. Here is what is inside:

This Tuya Sensor is based on LD2410C mmWave sensor. Just in case here is an Amazon link:
I bought few LDs and playing DIY based on ESP Home project. It actually works more or less OK.
My DIY project is on a left.

The heating comes from mmWave chip itself. After power on it becomes noticeably worm
even in free air. It is wormer in the closed case.

Thanks. The build looks rougher than some of the ones I've opened. I do like the form factor though. Did you spot if this can actually pivot in two ways? I'm thinking I'd like this pivot functionality, but mains. I could see maybe a tandem ceiling mount with a smoke/co detector and tap off the power (this may violate code. I haven't checked).

Do you have a FLIR camera to get a sense of the heat? The boards I have didn't really show much heat and they don't appear to be designed with any heat dissipation. They do all seem to mount the mmwave module above the board so similar heights. I assume this is for function, but I suppose it's to help with some heat also?

I followed the LD2450 thread with Screek. The object/human tracking/count is appealing. I'd like to find an easy way to do Zigbee and interface with one of these boards. I've only poked around looking for the most basic solution with some code examples. I haven't yet found something I'd like to try. My basic plan would be to locate the sensor and tune it for the space. I can see the B board does bluetooth so I'm thinking you can tune with bluetooth and then just use Zigbee once deployed.

No, I don't have this toy. But chip is noticeably worm even in free air. When in the case the
detection area no surprise feels even wormer. My DIY boards feels the same worm.

The adjustment is only one direction (vertical) about 45-50 degree.

There is no PIR sensor but there is a Light Sensor (on LD board itself) and Status LED.
But since plastic is absolutely solid the Light Sensor and Status LED becomes absolutely useless.

The Bluetooth is actually active (Thank you for this reminder). The Home Assistant immedietly
picked up this sensor via BT connection:

Once configured it presented 27 entities:

but all these entities are disabled by default.
It looks like you are right and BT could be used for fine tuning (I am not sure how to do this
from HA but it could be an app for this device) and than Zigbee to be used for HE integration.
Yes, there is HLKRadarTool Android app. It sees a sensor and has Engineering Mode (disabled
by default). So it is a potential to do fine tunning via BT connection.
Quick check app - Engineering Mode has many tunable parameters. Up to 8 sensitivity zones
could be configured. Later I will play with the device configuration via BT/app.

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Nice. Great find. Makes me wonder how compatible these boards are across the LD24XX line with the serial commands. Perhaps we have some swap options.

"as is" pivot is only in vertical direction about 45-50 degree.
But by striping two plastic guiding posts pivoting could be near unrestricted.
However if doing this you should be careful not to damage internal wiring
(there are 4 wires coming from the sensor base into sensor ball housing).

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