Yet Another Sonos Issue

I've had my Hubitat C8-Pro for a few months and have managed to get most stuff working with the help of the Hubitat community. There are too many of you to thank, but thanks anyway.

I've stumbled on an issue this has gotten me stumped. My 2 Sonos Play:1 speakers were happily working for a while, making announcements and playing sounds. Then they just stopped. I already had them on static IPs, but the Sonos/Hubitat integration is seaming more like a competition than a partnership.

This is what happens:
HE sends messages to the Sonos but no sound comes out (same for both mp3s from [HubIP]/local and [HubIP]/tts). All the debug messages look ok to me - at least no errors.

It is as if Sonos no longer has access to the hub folders (local and tts), except there is no errors on the logs. I'm presuming that might be because HE passes it to Sonos and figure it's work is done.

Sonos is defiantly connected to HE through the Sonos integration app because if I manually increase the volume on the physical speaker, I see the debug message for that on the HE logs. Same goes for Spotify which plays fine and I see that on the HE logs too. Sonos Radio plays fine too - below is a a debug log of radio playing then a voice tts comes in (from the HE device screen for the speaker). The radio sound was coming out of the speaker, but tts didn't, the radio then stops and doesn't restart. Sonos App is S2.

Any pointers would be appreciated. My next thought is to try the (nearing release) Sonos Advanced Controller.

There is another Sonos app you might want to try - Sonos Advanced Controller

Sonos Advanced is on HPM for easy installation and updating.

This is working well for me.

So I figured I should not waste any more time on the old integration. However, I get an error on the Sonos Advanced Controller import. I'm probably doing something wrong on my first HPM installation. I'll post it in the other thread too: