Yet another Rule Question

I want a rule that detects if one person leaves and the other one doesn't. But it can be either direction. Like this:
If (A gone and B not gone) or (A not gone and B gone)

Will this rule conditions work that way?

Never mind. I just realized I don't need to be that complicated. I tried to delete the post, but it wouldn't let me.

Re-visiting this, I have another scenario similiar to the above. Wondering what is the order of evaluation of conditions. For example,

I have condition A, B, C, D. How would this work: 'A or B and C or D'? What I am looking for is either A or B occurs and C or D also made.

Use the parens in the rule. (a or b) and (c or d). They are available when you are defining the rule.

Never saw that before. Thanks for pointing it out.

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