Yet another GE 12722 issue

The switch excludes OK from Wink - device completely disappears from Wink app (along with associated robots). However, nothing shows up in the HE logs when I try to pair or even exclude. Have tried this 8-10 times. I can re-pair the switch back into Wink with no problem. Documentation says the device does not have a local reset, that it's done via the hub's exclude procedure. I've tried the various up 3 presses/down 3, up 10 times, pulling out airgap, etc. but nothing works. The switch is less than 15 feet from the HE, in direct line of sight. Any ideas? Would having the Wink hub active and the HE active at the same time cause any z-wave issues with discovery?

Try shutting down the HE hub from the menu, disconnect from power and re connect. Try again the pairing. Sometimes the radios get frozen. I don't think wink will cause any problems but you can disconnect it too just in case.

Maybe a reset procedure for the device will help.

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I found so many conflicting descriptions of the exclude process that I don’t know what to believe, but I had the best luck with mine by doing the exclude in very close proximity to the switch, I used the wink hub to do the exclusion, since it’s already wireless, set the wink to exclude mode, and toggled the switch from off to on to off to on again, after this voodoo ritual worked on one switch, I used the same ritual on each of my remaining switches without problem.

A few other suggestions, 1 make sure your zwave radio is actually enabled, and another user posted earlier today that he had to reset his hub and perform a firmware upgrade reinstall for his to start recognizing his devices.

Thanks for all the suggestions. The z-wave radio appears to be functioning and enabled since I can discover previously unpaired devices. I’ve powered the hub off/on (and the Wink hub as well), but no luck.
I have also noticed that HE cannot exclude the switch once it has been paired to Wink. Wink can do the exclusion, but it’s as if the switch still remains locked onto the Wink hub’s z-wave mesh, and is invisible to HE. I’ve also tried doing a z-wave network rediscovery on Wink after the exclusion, but no effect.

I tried a second GE 12722 switch and was able to get it to successfully exclude from Wink and include to HE. But the delay for a simple on/off is horrible, 2-5 seconds. This is a new hub, with only 3 zwave devices paired and all in very close proximity. I did a zwave repair, rebooted the hub, etc. but it’s still slow as molasses just to turn on a switch. Guess I’ll email support tomorrow.

I have this same issue and have completed the same steps you have and with the same results. It seems to be stuck on the Wink ZWave and the only thing I haven't done, but was suggested in another feed, was to remove the unit from the wall and disconnect from power for an hour and reinstall. UGH was hoping to not do that, but have tried in vain on and off since last Tuesday with no luck.

I've got 14 of the 12722 switches and if removing the unit from the wall ends up being the only solution ... well, then the switches will stay on Wink. I have been surprised at the z-wave issues with devices that I thought would be easy to pair.

I am fairly new to the IoT and home automation, started about a year ago with Wink 2 and Stringify, constant internet related issues with my provider, only options available are Windstream, current provider and Satellite landlord won't allow the install of the dish. Loved the localized option of Hubitat and my experience, save the GE switch has been excellent. This device and my 2 PT-link plugs are all I have left from the original system left to port. But hopefully it will eventually pair up, trying again tonight.

To make sure you have a fresh ready to pair Zwave device I always run an exclude in HE, even with a new out of the box device. Have the Zwave settings page open and the logs page open in a new browser tab. Put the HE into exclusion mode and press either up or down on the switch. Watch the logs for confirmation that a device was excluded. You may need to repeat this until you get confirmation.

You have probably already tried this but I thought I would throw this in. Have you tried resetting the switch by pulling out the tab located just below the paddle and waiting a few seconds and push it back in?

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