Yet another C4 to C7 question

There have been a ton of posts about upgrading from an earlier hub to the C7 hub, but the most important question has yet to be answered.

Does the C7 hub use the same power supply as the C4/C5?

While I don't mind rejoining countless devices to a new hub, the thought of having to undo all my cable management to replace the power supply is a total show stopper.


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It does use the same power supply as the C5, but not the C4. The power connector is a microUSB connector.

There are barrel to microUSB adapters available like this one:


And the microUSB socket’s solder joints to the C-7’s PC board are fragile and easily broken. I replaced the power cable with one of these so I could turn the power off to a shutdown hub without disconnecting the microUSB:

JBtek Raspberry Pi Micro USB Cable with ON/Off Switch