Yeelights Tile in Dashboard Not Responding to Current State

@bravenel I have a color Yeelight bulb that works great except for one thing. In the Dashboard I have 2 tiles for this bulb. One is Color Bulb and the other is Bulb. I can turn the bulb on and off from the bulb tile but the tiles them self just stay with an hour glass. The bulb has a specific color by the way, not white.

If I turn the light on from the device page the light goes on but the dashboard does not reflect it's state.

I am now unable (more like it is intermittent) to turn the light on/off from the dashboard tile. Don't know why it quit. Also turning the light on/off on the device page does not show up in the logs. I have both logging settings selected.

I now see this showing up in the log.

dev:24822019-11-03 06:46:32.032 pm debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:24822019-11-03 06:46:32.028 pm debugts- ct:1572831992026, lhb: 1572831873066, age: 118960

dev:24822019-11-03 06:46:32.024 pm debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:24822019-11-03 06:44:33.092 pm infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

dev:24822019-11-03 06:44:32.050 pm debuggetReTry- reTryCount:1

dev:24822019-11-03 06:44:32.048 pm debugts- ct:1572831872032, lhb: 1572831631612, age: 240420

dev:24822019-11-03 06:44:32.043 pm debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:24822019-11-03 06:42:32.038 pm debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:24822019-11-03 06:42:32.034 pm debugts- ct:1572831752028, lhb: 1572831631612, age: 120416

dev:24822019-11-03 06:42:32.028 pm debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:24822019-11-03 06:40:32.033 pm debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:24822019-11-03 06:40:32.021 pm debugts- ct:1572831632019, lhb: 1572831631612, age: 407

dev:24822019-11-03 06:40:32.016 pm debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:24822019-11-03 06:40:31.625 pm infoTelnet connection to Yeelight established

An entry seems to show up in the logs when you turn on the light but there is no entry in the logs when you turn off the light.

I guess this has been addressed somewhere else and I missed it or staff hasn't seen it.

Anyone have the color yeelight bulb YLDP06YL and experiencing problems from the device page and the dashboard?

I just created 2 tiles like you to test, I can't reproduce your problem, I suggest you to re add the bulb and re create the tiles( you need to delete first) and to reserve the ip. I been almost a full year with my Yeelights(10 color) and with no problems.

@vjv Is your bulb a color bulb? I have the YLDP06YL which is a RGBW. My Adj. White Bulbs which are YLDP05YL work fine in the dashboard.

I have been having similar issues with the Yeelight bulbs after they automatically updated to their new firmwares.

Yes, they are color, and I have the latest firmware on them too.

@stevebott123, @vjv I just noticed there is another firmware update on the app. Will run it and see if that helps.

@stevebott123, @vjv Looks as if the update had no effect. The color bulb is on 2.06.0051. Whites are on 2.06.0041. Whites work fine.

The color bulb is a YLDP06YL and it says it is a RGBW. I can control both color and white.

BUT.... the device page for the color bulb does not show a change in On or Off. I can control it but because the On/Off doesn't change the dashboard freezes up. Also when I set a color temp to say 3500 it goes to white but the States still show it is in RGB mode instead of CT. I get the same result whether I choose the RGB driver or the RGBW driver except in RGB I can't select a color temp which is normal.

@bravenel, @mike.maxwell Could there be something in this newer bulb that is not in the driver? Does it need to be added? Logs show Telnet connection established but do not show any entries for turning on/off the light nor changing a color or white color temp.

This just popped into the logs a minute or so later.

dev:24822019-11-05 08:32:32.026 am debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:24822019-11-05 08:32:32.024 am debugts- ct:1572967952021, lhb: 1572967892068, age: 59953

dev:24822019-11-05 08:32:32.021 am debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

I think I know why, you have the color bulbs with the white bottom, or all white case, I have top white, bottom grey. My version is 1.4.2_0076, it's the latest and they work just fine.

Yes mine is all white. But we can call off the posse. I did a bulb reset. Re-included it into the app, did an initialize and refresh. It appears to be working now. I can control both color and whites in the device page, and the on/off changes, and in the dashboard I can turn it on and off.

The reason I had a suspicion of it not being seen is because I did a rediscovery in the Yeelight App and it didn't find it after the firmware update.

Logs now show changing colors and changing white levels.

So thanks and @bravenel and @mike.maxwell never mind. This must have been low on the totem pole because we didn't here from you. No disrespect intended.

I have 14+ bulbs all ceiling mounted so im not really keen on removing them from HE, yeelight, then adding them back to yeelight then HE again.
I am still having issues as soon as last night with a bulb that didnt turn on - but this time not with motion but from a scene.

@stevebott123, @vjv Either one of you having an issue with the device page for a color bulb not showing changes in Current States? If you change the saturation or hue does it change the values on the right under the states? Does Switch show On and Off correctly? Thanks
I can't get any response from anyone and it is a built-in app.

Yep - I have an rgbw bulb on my dashboard that I only use the white state for and it shows it as red. turns on on the dashboard red, listed as red on the device page, bulb is told to turn on white, turns on white. shrugs

Thanks for the reply. I was beginning to think no one had a color one. So there is definitely something wrong with the driver. I hope the staff reads this.

been banging on to mike on the forums and bobby on PM support and there isnt much movement.
Probably not enough of us that own them for them to be interested in fixing it.

Another issue with these bulbs is when the power goes out, HE thinks they are all off but some of them are on. So I have to manually go into each device and "refresh" its statued for them to be controllable again. I did see in another thread you can change the bulbs settings so it keeps its last state - so hopefully then when they do power back on they will be in sync with HE still.

Sucks cause in aus they are actually a pretty reasonable price, but they just arn't big in the US cause you guys have so much more choice.

@stevebott123 I first had the slide switch in the app under Default State for "Save Light State Automatically" only turned On. If the bulb is off and you remove power and restore power it comes up as Off. If you had the light On and removed power and restore power it still comes up as Off.

If you have the slide switch for "Auto On Upon Power Resumption" turned On (with the one above On) and the bulb is Off and you remove power and then restore power the bulb comes up as On.

If you have the slide switch "Auto On Upon Power Resumption" On Only and the bulb is Off and you Remove/Restore power the bulb comes up as On.

If you have the same slide switch as above On Only again and the bulb was On and you Remove/Restore power the bulb comes up as On.

If you have the bulb On and remove power (both slides On like above) and you remove/restore power the bulb comes up as On again.

In all instances the device page did not follow the bulb states as you said. So the color driver has a lot of problems.

So as far as the power restore function it doesn't appear to actually do this.

Yep - exactly.
and I have close to 12 bulbs, 4 of them RGBW ones.
I really dont want to go out and buy hue/ikea bulbs on a hue bridge when my yeelights are meant to be supported by the platform/why i bought them.

Yes that is why I bought them also. I also bought them for the power recovery part but now that appears not to be the case. Perhaps if the driver was fixed the power recovery would work correctly or maybe not!

i'd just like them to work properly.
I also get telenet issues time to time with "something" and when that does pop up I've gotten corrupt databases. Had to do 2 soft resets in the last 6 months.
Yeelights are the only things using telenet in my setup.