Yeelight YLXD01YL

hi there! not really getting off to a good start :open_mouth:I don't seem to be able to set a UK postcode, and although the location is set on the map, sunrise and sunset times are wild :open_mouth:
more important I have several Yeelight YLXD01YL working with google, but I see no way to add them to HE.
this is my first day with HE. but I have to say, this isn't for the general public. it has been equal parts convoluted, and frustrating thus far!
PS I have been using Smartthings for a few years, homeseer and LinuxMCE with X10 before that, so I am not a complete noob but this is very different to anything I have used before
love and peace

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Hey Gary!
yeah, you dont need to add the postcode, it will work without it (happened to me to in australia).
When you get into settings you can just tweak the location.
As for yeelights, have you added the built in driver in the apps section ?
Also make sure you have "lan access" ticked on the bulb in the yeelight app.

Hi and thanks Steve!
the location thing I did, like you suggest with the map.
however the sunrise and sunset times make no sense at all!
sadly, I cannot see a "lan Control" option for these particular yeelights, these are the large round ceiling mounted lights, that support wifi and BT
have a great weekend
Love and peace

You dont have this screen in the yeelight app ?
The little triangle button above the purple circle brings it up.

Hi Steve! my one Yeelight colour bulb does, the others don't have that option immediately apparent :frowning:
thanks for your help!
finally got the postcode, map, web dashboard sorted!
it's Europe london as a timezone NOT BST LOL
(I assumes BST was British Summer Time obviously that isn't what that acronym is for LOL )

OK I was wrong AGAIN! it seems they needed a firmware update! I am going to do that then try to add them now!
thanks for your help Steve!

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easy Garry - just keep plugging away

Oh well! I spoke too soon LOL
all the lights are now in developer mode.. it even detected one, once!
but it wouldn't add it as I don't think there is a driver for this particular fitting :frowning:
it hasn't seen any of my "normal" Yeelight bulbs at all, though Yeelight app (and SmartThings) has

and you have the yeelight HE app installed and are trying to find them through that ?
is the yeelight on when you are running the find ?

In the live logging you will see an entry after selecting the bulbs to integrate, it will spit out data regarding any bulbs it doesn't understand how to map.
Just post this, along with the type of bulb it is (ct, rgb, rgbw ect) and I'll add them to the integration.

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Hi Mike!
thanks for your help!
when I get back home I will try discovery again.
the last few times I have tried discovery it hasn't found anything?
any tips for that?
Love and peace

hey gary can you link the device on here - a webpage of the device

hi there Steve!
this is the device!
these are absolutely brilliant and via the cloud they work with ST Amazon and Google, I have turned on developer mode but as I said HE doesn't seem to know what it is,

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