Yeelight screen bar support

OK I am stuck

I recently purchased this yeelight screen light bar YEELIGHT Screen light Bar Pro Eyes Protection Reading Dimmable PC Computer USB Lamp Display Hanging Light mi Home APP Control|LED Bulbs & Tubes| - AliExpress

installed it in the yeelight app and then added the yeelights integration app to HE so far so good
HE app found the device awesome but...
now what?

it doesn't appear in the list of devices ang I am unclear how to add it

Iā€™m not familiar with the built-in yeelight integration, but generally speaking, apps that discover devices like that should create them for you once discovered.

Did you check if the app created any log entries during the device discovery?

log shows the following
2021-05-30 10:48:12.034 am warnunable to add model [lamp15], we don't know what this device's capabilities are...

app:4922021-05-30 10:48:11.980 am debugUpdated with settings: [selectedYeelights:[5448E62329CF]]
this is a screenshot from the yeelight integration app showing the device

the device actually has 2 led strip a front one to light the desk white only and an ambient rear light that is color controllable

so now what hope HE gets an update?

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@mike.maxwell is there any other information I should include?

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That Will do it thanks.


Exactly same behaviour for the newer Yeelight Bedside Lamp D2 - both are found, but not added to the Device list - and both have the LAN Open option in the Yeelight Lamp

  • Screen Bar -
    2021-06-01 13:47:26.252 warnunable to add model [lamp15], we don't know what this device's capabilities are...

  • Bedside Lamp D2 -
    2021-06-01 13:47:26.249 warnunable to add model [bslamp3], we don't know what this device's capabilities are...

Still not working in :frowning_face: any idea when/if this will be addressed?

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@mike.maxwell new release update
ok got it working kind of
identified it as various yeelight lights

status is not working
heartbeat doesn't seem to be working

dashboard button (because of no status?) is not working...

2021-07-16 07:26:38.051 am debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:7442021-07-16 07:26:38.048 am debugts- ct:1626434798042, lhb: 1626434678256, age: 119786

dev:7442021-07-16 07:26:38.044 am debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:7442021-07-16 07:24:38.051 am debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:7442021-07-16 07:24:38.047 am debugts- ct:1626434678042, lhb: 1626434558113, age: 119929

dev:7442021-07-16 07:24:38.043 am debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:7442021-07-16 07:22:38.053 am debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:7442021-07-16 07:22:38.049 am debugts- ct:1626434558043, lhb: 1626434438063, age: 119980

dev:7442021-07-16 07:22:38.044 am debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

dev:7442021-07-16 07:20:38.051 am debugheartbeat- message sent...

scene control works and using it I can get most of the functionality I want :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great progress