Yeelight Bulb Log Entry

I have some Yeelight bulbs (all the same) CT white that have a strange (to me) log entry. Does anyone know what this means? It repeats every 2 minutes. Thanks

dev:17202019-08-02 07:42:38.301 am debugheartbeat- message sent...

dev:17202019-08-02 07:42:38.274 am debugts- ct:1564753358135, lhb: 1564753238249, age: 119886

dev:17202019-08-02 07:42:38.168 am debuggetReTry- reTryCount:0

Did you get any response on this, the thread looks empty. I have the same weird issue with mine, 1 year later :slight_smile:

First of all welcome to the forum and hubitat. It has been a long time but I never did receive an answer. I know i updated the bulbs firmware through the app but can't recall if that fixed it. I don't use them in HE anymore so can't give you any additional info.