YaleApp Update Token & Hubitat Mobile App Login

Thanks for porting over the YaleApp from smartthings to Hubitat. Without this I doubt I would have migrated to this platform as it is integral to my smart home automation.

When I had smartthings I used tasker and the autoinput plugin to automatically navigate to the app and update the token after my phone had restarted. This kept the token valid. However, now I secure my Hubitat hub with a user and password as otherwise anyone with access to my home network could access the hub without needing to login. This makes it so that I cannot update the token using this method. If the Hubitat mobile app could remember the login credentials once entered this obviously wouldn't be a problem but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to do this.
I was wondering if there is any way to automate the process of generating a new YaleApp token as mine seems to expire every few days?

If there is no way to automate this could I make a feature request for the Hubitat mobile app to support saving of login credentials. I have a lock screen on my phone so this would act as the underlying security on that device but other devices would still need to authenticate to be able to access my Hubitat hub.


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