Yale Zigbee Lock Requires Refresh After Inactivity


In this last couple of platform releases, I've noticed a return of an issue that used to pop up after my Yale Zigbee Locks have been inactive for a few hours. Most noticeable first thing in the morning, the locks won't respond to an unlock command unless I either operate them manually or send a refresh command. After which they work perfectly until they're inactive for a few hours.

I have worked around this by adding the following series of commands to the RM rule I use to unlock them, but I think this shouldn't be required.


I believe I have a pretty strong mesh and have repeaters within 6 feet of both locks. As I said, I used to experience this issue, but then it stopped for several months but now it's returned over the last couple of months.

Locks are known to do this as they tend to be sleepy devices to save power. I have two Yale Zigbee locks and they have always acted this way. There is a community app called Reliable Locks that was made because of this. I use it and it works great great for me. Part of what it does is essentially what you are doing with your Rule but with the app, you don't have to do it within any of your rules.

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