Yale z-wave plus lock in weird state


Upon inclusion of my yale z-wave plus lock, the device was discovered by hubitat but stuck in an "initializing" state. Now it doesn't show up anywhere in hubitat, but the lock itself thinks its joined and I can't un-join it. I put the hubitat in z-wave exlcude mode and run the lock's exlusion thing (option 7 -> 3) and it doesn't want to exlude. When I got back into the lock I still don't have option 1 available to join.

So I can't exclude, and the lock doesn't show up. Any ideas?

I ran into this situation a few weeks ago. After multiple power resets of the zwave module and a several e hubitat reboots/zwave exclusion mode it finally dropped when i told it to drop.

i tried and tried for about an hour...wasn't fun

Factory reset the Yale. Exclude. Include with the lock very close to the HE. You’re aiming to get “zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true”