Yale Z-Wave lock unreliability

I'm running 3 Z-Wave Yale locks and like my Schlage before them, they really struggle to be online and sending them any code updates is so hit and miss. Would changing the module/device entirely to a Zigbee version be a step up? Is it just the Z-Wave locks that seem to need to be 10cm from the hub to be reliably online?

That has been my experience. I replaced 2 zwave locks with Yale zigbee equivalents about 17 months ago. Zero issues.

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I have a Schlage Connect Z-wave lock. I had issues with keeping a solid connection. I purchased a Aeotec Range Extender 7 and placed it in the outlet closest to the lock. The lock now works flawlessly. You can purchase these range extenders for much less than the cost of converting your locks to Zigbee.

The older Aeotec Range Extender 6 devices are still available at a slightly lower cost. However, if you have the C7 version of Hubitat or plan on upgrading your hub in the future, getting the 7 version of the Extender may be worth the extra cost.

The only way I could get my Yale YRD256 to work reliably was to move my hub closer to them.

Previously my hub was in the basement corner of the house and everything worked great except for the locks. I have since moved it to the main floor (closer to the locks) and they don't miss a beat.

I've also heard that changing them to zigbee is much better as well. However I'm having a hard time sourcing the zigbee module in Canada.

i've ordered the zigbee module, will report back on success/fail.

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I ordered one Zigbee module to test and it paired perfectly from far away and it also pulled down all the codes properly and accurately. I've just ordered 2 more modules so that I can kiss goodbye to z-wave in the other two locks. Happy, so far.

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Other than mis-reporting my YRD256 lock as a YRD224/246 it works great. I suspect the Zigbee module is either older or meant for a different lock.

I also recently added a Kwikset lock with a zigbee module. Like your Yale experience, paired immediately and just works.

If I'm remembering properly others like @SmartHomePrimer have been using the ZW version of the YRD256 happily with no issues so it seems a little hit or miss based on one's network setup/environment.

Right now I would still recommend Zigbee locks over ZW - just less of a potential hassle. Don't know if any locks use the 700 series chip yet but when they do I might revisit that opinion.


Correct. Never a problem on C-3, C-4, and now C-7