Yale YRL2xx Z-Wave supported by HE?

I looked at the HE supported list and see that the Yale YRL236 and 256 (Zigbee) are supported but do not see the Z-Wave version listed. I would very much like to visit with anyone who has the YRL2xx Z-Wave lock working with HE.

As far as I know, I have a Yale YRL216-ZW2-0BP

It just works, I haven't had any trouble with it or it's 'buddy' a Yale YRD-446.

@csteele ... thanks for the info. Are you using the Generic drive for your lock? Looks like I will plan to proceed with purchasing a couple of YRL256 locks for the garage and back door.

Yes, I am.

Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 8.06.48 PM

Right now, these are Joined to an older Hub, and you may be asking from a C-7 perspective.

I want to migrate mine to a C-7 but I have to get more repeaters in that area, I think.

With multiple hubs, I have multiple meshes to have to care and feed.... The ZWave mesh they're on at this minute has a lot of always powered devices nearby. My new C-7 has 11+ devices but just under half are battery powered.

I'll try to get to this tomorrow.

Appreciate the details... and as you suspected I am using a C-7 and I plan to have a Z-Wave light switch (repeater) on the wall next to each lock to ensure I have a good signal to each.

Well.. that was easy...

I had to spend a few minutes getting ready to Exclude the lock. Multiple hubs == HubConnect and I had to make the mirrored devices 'ready' to be deleted too.

But in terms of Excluding then Including onto the C-7, probably the easiest ever. It joined right away and then sat initializing for a bit... I turned to 'wake the lock' and once it was, I turned back and the "Save" option was there, initialization complete. I have no idea if I had to wait one more second or if the 'wake' was needed. :slight_smile:

So now it's on my C-7 and I need to go stitch it back into HubConnect. :smiley:

Installed my Amazon prime day deal, YRL236-ZW2-619 today. Paired just fine on the first try. Not having any luck sending commands though. Tried a ‘configure’, too. Nothing in the debug logs. Ran a repair and no help yet. My Zwave+ mesh is pretty solid with a switch very close to the lock. This device should be fine on HE right?

I have two of the Yale Locks on HE. One of mine is the Lever lock like yours, but not the exact model... maybe yours is a different finish. I do notice that yours is keyless and has the raised buttons while mine is keyed and Touchscreen.

However, the ZWave module (Green) is the same across the family. You want to check the Device Details at the bottom and specifically the Data row for "zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true":

Looks like I don’t have that:

Do these need to be paired very close to the hub?

I have two Yales... the Lever Lock is Included on my C-7 and joins quite easily at about 15 ft. There's an Aeon Repeater 7 nearby, maybe 12 ft. The ZWave Details page for the C-7 says it's a direct connection to the hub.

The original Yale is 20ft from a C-4 Through a floor and there are half a dozen AC powered switches/dimmers/outlets within a couple feet. Again, joining has been easy.

But yea, you have to Exclude/Include til the SecurePairing is True.

Tried a few rounds of excluding/pairing and couldn’t get SecurePairing till I moved the hub near the lock. Now I’m in business. Luckily the lock still works when I moved the hub back to its normal spot.

Both of mine are using the ZWave Plus (green) module. I think there was a non-Plus version once upon a time. Now that it's joined and working there's no urgent reason to replace it. Modules can be found on eBay for a reasonable price.

Just a note... I purchased the Lever Lock from Amazon without Module, and got an obvious return, as New. Instead of sending it back to Amazon, to repeat, I contacted Yale and they sent me a replacement. I purchased the ZWave module via eBay and by swapping it into and out of my original Yale, I was able to easily convince Yale support. For me, they are "Tier One" support as a result of my one and only experience.

Yale support impressed me as well. When I got my lock, I realized that the latch didn’t have the same “3 in 1” adjustment as Schlage and figured I’d have to return the lock all together. I took a shot at sending Yale support an email and they were back to me in about an hour with the latch I needed to purchase.
This is called a “drive-in” latch for anyone that ever stumbles across this post looking for info:

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