Yale YRD216 Not Retracting Bolt Completely

Anyone else have 1 of the Yale YRD series. I think the closing gears/mechanism on all of them are the same.

I just installed one and everything works great EXCEPT the bolt doesn't retract completely when using the lock's internal mechanism. About an 1/8" of the bolt sticks out from the door. It does this even when the door is held open, so not dragging on the door jam or anything else. I can also get it to retract completely when I manually turn the inside knob.

Is this normal? It barely clears the door jam, but does open and close with no issue, but worried it could get worse over time.

Just trying to determine if I should keep it or return mine.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I have a YRC and I opened it up to adjust this.

Don't know if that is an option for YRD.

If the lock retraction is the same for manual and digital modes, I'd contact Yale tech support to see if they have any guidance. Good luck!

@Tim-in-Ca that is my concern, it works manually but "digitally" it doesn't retract all the way.

Perhaps thereโ€™s a calibration mode, Iโ€™d contact Yale.

@nh.schottfam did you just do this on your own or did you find a video/instructions on the internent. I think the basic mechanism is the same.


I have read a few install instructions online, and some of them do have a step that demands a calibration of excactly what you need.
The lock you have seems to have a range of turn that is default, but there should be a possibility to set the turn range, somehow.
If a type of lock does not have sensing electronics to sence when the bolt is stopping on return or visa versa, it should demand that one configure/calibrate the play or turn range by a procedure. But it might also be that you inserted batteries with the lock fully extended, and that might be the cause?

I found the Yale Assure locks have to be fully retracted before you insert the batteries, or else I guess it does not know the fully retracted position.

I would look for this in instructions or contact customer support for the lock. Would be strange if the manufacturer did not think about variations in plays, so I bet you will figure this out!

Good luck! :slight_smile:
Oslo, Norway

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Just for closure. The lock was bad. I returned and now have 1 that works perfectly.


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