Yale Smart Living locks

Hi, I've recently picked up a Hubitat after using SmartThings at my previous house and hating the cloud-only system and the random reboots/firmware updates/other network downtime they'd have. Since moving I tried OpenHab, but it basically didn't work at all with any of my devices beyond initial pairing.

The three most important devices I have are some Yale Smart Living Z-Wave locks. One I believe is an older YRD220, the touch screen keyless model, and two of them are newer, cheaper YRD110 keybutton models. All three worked perfectly with SmartThings and intermittently at best with OpenHab.

I read all the posts here regarding keeping the hub super close and indeed, all three of them are paired, including " * zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true" in their data. I did have to do a few odd things to pair them - after the device 'paired' but Hubitat was still displaying "Z-Wave Device initialising..." I'd need to just go into Z-wave options on the lock and hit "exclude" (which would obviously fail - but also kept the lock's radio alive) until they finished secure pairing.

However, only the YRD220 works. The YRD110s will work if I go and hammer keys whilst also trying to refresh/etc. (thus keeping the radio alive manually), but are totally unresponsive and will not respond to lock/unlock commands unless they occur soon after the lock was awake.

I attempted to press keys like during pairing/lock and unlock to keep the MCU awake/etc. while hammering "Configure" but this doesn't seem to have helped, is it just that the YRD220 has a better radio and I need a repeater, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

Battery devices sleep. Locks are no exception, as you clearly are aware. But Locks also love repeaters capable of beaming.

""Beaming" is a Zwave feature that is designed to increase battery life for door locks.

Like most battery-operated Zwave devices, battery-operated locks sleep most of the time and just wake up occasionally to see if there are any messages. This conserves battery. However, people waiting at the door for a lock to open need a very quick response.

Z wave introduced beaming to address this. A nearby mains-powered device, typically a wired wall switch or plug-in pocket socket, will keep repeating the same message to the lock until it is received. So it is the wired device that is using power. This ensures that as soon as the lock wakes up to check, The message will be available. Only the neighbor closest to the lock needs to support beaming. " http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=Beaming

I don't KNOW this is the solution to the problem you raise, it's just one of the potential answers. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply! After I ordered a repeater from Amazon I realised I did have one other device set up at the previous house - an Innovelli dual outlet Z-Wave switch (which advertises itself as including a repeater, though being mains powered means that should be implied). It doesn't mention if it actually supports beaming but it was in the network at the old house and so was definitely a difference in the setup.

Either way, I got the new repeater, and set up the Innovelli, and now one of the YRD110s is working perfectly, the YRD220 is now upset, and the other YRD110 is unchanged.

However, since it worked for one of the YRD110 and it previously worked for YRD220, I'm feeling pretty positive about it, so I'm going to give it a few days to settle down, and try re-adding them if that still doesn't help.

Now to figure out if/how to write a driver for Ring Alarm's Z-wave contact sensors :wink:

Use the ZWave Alliance product DB to determine capabilities:


That's for a GE/Jasco (now honeywell too) wall socket. You're looking for:
Supports Z-Wave Beaming Technology? Yes

Yup, both my Inovelli 2-outlet switch and the new range extender list beaming technology :blush:

Did you get all 3 locks working?? I have 3 Yale that I will be connecting to the Hub in a couple of weeks

Maybe as the thread advises, proactively get repeaters with beaming capability so you don't have to worry about issue. Stating Yale lock really doesn't mean anything. There's quite a bit of performance variability between models.

I can only speak to my own lock, as Yale YRD256 Z-Wave Plus. Installed just 10 feet from the hub. I only have two Z-Wave devices, both are pretty close to the hub, so I have no Z-Wave repeaters or need for one. The lock and my HEM both work great and don't drop.

Can you point me to a good repeater please

The Aeotec come highly recommended.


Zigbee however is a different story. For Zigbee, you need to carefully consider the use case, location, approximate property size you need to cover, and if you intend to use Xiaomi product (which if you do, IKEA Trådfri) are inexpensive and work well.