Yale Assure zigbee status “unknown”

Just noticed this status… any idea on what’s todo? Restart the lock maybe?

  • Manually lock and unlock to see if it generates events.

  • Maybe replace the batteries - in general battery reporting levels don't always seem accurate with smart devices for some reason though with Yale I've found it to be pretty good.

  • Another thing to try is go into pairing mode and re-add the device:

  1. In HE go to Add Device/Zigbee/Start Zigbee pairing
  2. on your lock enter the "Master Entry Code" / push "7" then "1" then :white_check_mark:
  3. Hopefully your lock with be rediscovered in-place... if not then possibly something is up with your mesh.
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OK thanks for that Greta help! Looks like manually unlocking it sorted it:

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Make sure the deadbolt is not partly obstructed while being extended. If that happens, the state will be "unknown".

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