Yale Assure YRD446 w/Z-Wave module

Slowly migrating my system from another hub to my C7. Today was door lock day. So far, no issues with light switches and outlets, but today was not so successful.

I have two Yale YRD446’s both with z-wave modules. I had some issues excluding them from my old hub(not an HE), finally forced deleted them. Noticed they were still paired, used HE z-wave exclusion to remove them. Used z-wave inclusion to add them to HE. Successfully, paired in secure mode. With that, however, I’m unable to add codes/users. Either via the device page or the built in lock manager.

I’m using the generic z-wave lock driver as there is no driver specific to this model.

Thanks for any ideas that might remedy this problem.

I’m looking to be able to add/delete codes via the Hubitat app both locally and remotely and also setup notifications depending on which code is used to unlock a specific lock.