Yale Assure SL Lock

I bought a Yale Assure SL Lock from Lowes. I also bought the August BLE Radio Module Model MD-01
for this lock. I plugged in the "August Connect" device too & have the lock working with the August App on my phone.

Is this lock compatible with HE if the August BLE Module is installed along with the "August Connect" device? Not sure how to add it to HE if it is compatible.
Any of you guys using this lock with HE?

I am using this lock with the Zigbee module - works great. For it to connect to HE directly it needs to have either Zigbee or Z-Wave not Bluetooth (BLE).

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Same here.

Thanks guys...will return BLE device & get ZWave or Zigbee.

I strongly recommend you get the Zigbee module if you can..

edit: Do NOT get the "Control 4 compatible" zigbee version it will not work with HE.

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Seconded! Eric is on the mark - zigbee locks work much better with HE.

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