Yale Assure Lock (Z-Wave)

Hi All,

I have connected Yale Assure Lock with the Z-Wave module. I can lock/unlock via HE. But I cannot get the lock/unlock status when I manually unlock/lock the lock.

It has 0 issues with SmartThings. Can someone provide me driver for this or help me with this?

I had that issue when it was low signal even though it was next to a repeater, I wound up replacing the lock with a new zigbee lock.

Do you have a FLiRS capable repeater near?

FLiRS details

Locks are very skimpy with their radios. Locks have batteries and power hungry motors AND the need to communicate 24x7. If the motor is not draining the batteries, the radio will be. To solve that, FLiRS was created that allows an AC powered ZWave Repeater to cache the "need to speak" to/from the lock. The lock wakes and shuts in less than a second. If it is trying to hit the hub, the hub may be doing something else and by the time it gets to respond, the lock is shut again. A FLiRS repeater facilitates the communications. Most modern ZWave + devices are FLiRS compliant. You don't usually have to hunt one down. Depending on obstacles/construction materials, any AC powered ZWave device within an 8 foot sphere will get nominated to be a FLiRS Repeater.

When the hub is "focused" on talking to the Lock, it works, but when the Hub is looking elsewhere, when the lock wakes to send a message (unsolicited) the lock goes back to sleep before the hub responds. The FLiRS repeater should have told the hub that the Lock needed attention, but if there is no repeater, you can see why that direction might fail.

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I just made my workaround using the following rules.

Hope this will solve my issues till someone fix the driver.

Yes, I do have lots of Z-Wave device and I believe they can communicate through them. But the issue seems to be with Yale ZigBee and ZWave drivers as one of the condition works and for other it don't.

If somebody can debug it, I can provide what ever logs required and so it helps many people including myself.

Do you have a z-wave lock or a zigbee lock? Your previous thread was about a Yale zigbee lock with the same symptoms.

I have two locks

  1. Yale YDR50G - ZigBee - Unlock (Manual) status is not being sent automatically
  2. Yale Assure - Z-Wave - Lock/Unlock (Manual) status is not being sent automatically

I know for certain that this lock works with built-in Hubitat drivers (z-wave and zigbee). @SmartHomePrimer has the z-wave version, and I have the zigbee version.

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Is there any mistake over here

Or you need any specific data?

Good to know. Are Ring Range Extenders FLiRS? I have one of those within 8-10 feet of two locks.

I'm looking at buying the Assure 2 locks with either Matter or Zigbee module.

Both versions support Beaming (FLiRS)