Yale Assure Lock SL - S2 Support

Has anyone successfully paired the Yale Assure Lock SL via S2? I don't get a pop-up which makes me think it is just using S0 and doesn't have an option for S2, but the official z-wave specs say it supports S2.


I've got the same issue. The lack of replies on this thread don't bode well for getting it fixed, though.

I contacted their support. Turns out the locks don't support s2 yet, no eta for when they will. Despite what anything might say to the contrary

Huh. Guess I'm glad I only bought one. I'll have to get my next lock elsewhere.

I have a older one too, the YRD220-ZW-619

the newer YRD256-ZW3 support S2

I bought mine back in 2013

Looking at it, I got the RD256-ZW2-619. If they have ones that are compatible you would think they would have the zwave module that you could just swap! It is simply an extra piece afterall

Yale does have swappable Radio modules.. I use ZWave so I know those are green:

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 12.15.23 PM

Is it S2 compatible? I swear I emailed them just a few months ago and they said there was no such thing

No S2-compatible modules like that yet AFAIK, but t remember someone posting something (quite a while ago) that Yale had submitted such a thing for FCC certification or something like that.

So maybe it's in the works, maybe it's abandoned since then - hard to say. But I'd also be very interested in getting a couple. Mine are fine so far on S0, but if they get wiggy at some point, I'll likely just get a zigbee module instead.

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