Yale Assure Lock SL link with Hub Mesh

I have two hubs ( linked with Hub Mesh in a one-way fashion. I have ~10 devices on one hub that are shared with another and I run all of my automations from there.

I recently replace a Schlage lock with Yale and have not had any luck getting it to show up on the list of devices on the primary hub. The device is added as a 'Generic Z-Wave Lock' and does have "Hub Mesh enabled"

I have tried disabling and reenabling Hub Mesh, excluding and including the device again, and renaming it, but it does not appear with the other devices on the primary. The other devices on this hub are shared with Hub Mesh though.

Maybe you've missed the step of adding the device on the other hub through the Hub Mesh setup?

Yep, that was it. I don't remember doing that with the other devices, but I went into the configuration and found it sitting there ready to add. Thank you.

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