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What is the xyOnly state in the advanced zigbee driver, and can it be toggled?
If there is a function behind of course.

My guess is that it stores whether the driver detects that the bulb handles xy color mode only, as opposed to HS, and the driver then handles some conversions to so it works better with Hubitat's native HS (and perhaps CT) color model. [EDIT: Nope, I guess it's info-only...see below. :smiley: ] It is not settable except by the driver itself, likely as a result of tests it does during configure(). But @mike.maxwell would be the one to say more.

It's also not clear why you're looking to do this or what you must think it does if you want to, which might also be good to know.

We dont do xy conversion, that flag is there to show why the bulb doesnt work correctly...

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I have some bulbs which I can't change color on, but the flag isn't set. CT is working fine though. Why would that be?
Is XY something that could be supportet down the line?

Probably not, the conversion math is very much dependant on the bulbs color space, and we have neither the time nor equipment to deal with that...

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