Xiaomi door sensor alfawise

Just got my HE system and try to connect Xiaomi door sensor I had.
This device has black title Alfawise on it, and on the inner side it has a small switch.
I open the switch and try to connect it to HE using the Device discovery zigbee,
but It can't find it.
I can't find anywhere I can pair it.
what am I missing?

Hi there and welcome to your Hubitat ride.

The Xiaomi devices use a custom device handler that you will need to install if you haven't already.
Here is the github repository where all the Xiaomi handlers reside.

Have you installed a custom driver? If not you will need to go to the 'Drivers Code' section.
Click on 'New Driver'.
You can either click on raw code in the github repository for the driver and then copy and paste in the code or copy the raw code url in the address bar and click import. Copy the url in to the import url and click on import.

If this is not the case and you have already loaded the custom driver, come back to us on here and we can all advise on what else to try.

Must admit I've not heard of a contact sensor with Alfawise on it.

I just googled Alphawise Contact Sensors and....Are you sure that sensor is NOT an RF model rather than Zigbee or Zwave ?
HE does not natively support RF ?433mhz) devices

1.thanks for all the quick answeres.
2. The device is tis one https://m.gearbest.com/access-control/pp_009265973897.html?wid=1433363&currency=ILS&vip=4446209&gclid=Cj0KCQjwqs3rBRCdARIsADe1pfS6V9Hzs8bpA0X5SlBhsJDkgnHSv0Fz2nrCi0H1_Q0SrKpCkpQyq7EaAqZ6EALw_wcB
Got it. It was in a white box written in Chinese. Dont know ecactly what it is and if it usable.

Use google translate on your phone. You can point the camera at the text and it will translate it in real time or by scanning it.

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I think youโ€™d have to be up for some hard work to get that device to work compared to buying some Zigbee or Zwave sensors.
You should be able to grab a compatible contact sensor for about US$30.
OR a bit more in AUS where I am. :blush:

If youโ€™re looking for that shape in Xiaomi Zigbee sensor, you want the Xiaomi Mijia.


I like the look of the Mijia more than the Xiaomi Aqara. The Mijia are also easier to solder wires to the reed switch if you want to use them with a conventional mechanical button or contact. The Mijia work just as well as the Aqara with @veeceeoh โ€˜s community driver for HE

Thanks all,
Anyway, if I'm buying staff, what are the best alternatives for door sensor etc?

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