Xiaomi Aqara temperature sensors, is there better?

I have about six Xiaomi Aqara Temperature sensors. I really like the devices and they are cheap. The problem is, despite the newest community written drivers, their Zigbee is non-standard and therefore they drop off the network.

My question is two-fold:

  1. Can I purchase a Xiaomi Aqara hub and pair the sensors with the hub and still have hubitat able to access these devices? Has anyone done that and is it better?

  2. Is there a rock-solid better temperature sensor that I should be considering for use with Hubitat?

Seems so.

See here (toward bottom of first post)

I mainly use Xiaomi/Aqara devices. They work fairly reliably because I have a good zigbee mesh....don’t discount them outright.

I also use a Hue motion sensor, for motion, but it also measures temperature.

How do you use your Xiaomi/Aqara temperature sensors and not have them disassociate? I have a very comprehensive Zigbee network. The problems apparently result because of the non-standard Aqara check in times for devices. I am not sure if I have the right settings or am using the right configuration. Here is an example temperature sensor.

Here is the driver section.

By the way, once the device has disconnected, is there any way to reconnect it without deleting and re-adding the device?

I think you’ll find a lot of your answers in the post I linked to in my previous reply.

No you don’t have to delete them if they drop off, but you do have to discover them again...

There are several of us who use Konke temperature/humidity sensors. I have 10 of them. They never dropped off my zigbee mesh, and are fairly accurate. The only caveat to their use is that your zigbee network must use channel 15, 20, or 25.

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Thanks for the reference. I ordered four of them. Looks exactly right. Geez, May delivery. Oh well, good things come to those who wait. I am trying to measure temperature differential in my data center where I have a new mini split. I want ambient temperature as well as inside rack and will control thermostat accordingly. Before the mini split, the room was 12 degrees warmer than the rest of the house.

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In case of Aqara, its not only about size of the network, but also about devices used. Some of the models are not friendly with Aqara in case of routing. I have very good experience with Ikea plugs and bulbs as a repeaters for Aqara devices. They do stick to network.


The specs indicate that they go from 0 to 40C - Has this been your experience? I am (passively) looking for something to use in my refrigerators and freezers... I would try these if they go to -25C...

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Well, it never approaches 0C where I live! And I'm using them indoors. So I can verify they accurate between 65-78F.

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I need to move... :wink: That said, last summer was beautiful here, and this winter has been super short!

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Oh - it's nice in the winter here, but our summers are miserable.

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If you have many of the Aqara temp sensors, you might want to consider this method. I bring my Aqara devices into HE by using a ConBee 2 dongle attached to HA and the Home Assistant Device Bridge. It hangs onto the Xiaomi devices like glue and brings them back in Hubitat where I want them. A very solid setup, but the same rule applies in regard to repeaters. They must be Xiaomi compatible.


@Sebastien - I do something very similar for all my Aqara/Mijia sensors. Except in place of HA, I am using Node-RED.

That is something I should look into! I currently have no experience with either HA or Node-RED. I will need to look into that at some point!

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You might want to look for outdoor sensor for -25C
I've read in other thread some use outdoor motion sensor which also does temperature in fridge, not sure about freezer.
The Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor can do -20C to 45C.
The range can be conservative until someone actually try lower or higher.

I use Smartthings multipurpose sensor V2 for outdoor, which seems not getting much love here but have been doing very well and reliable for me.
I use them in a plastic waterproof box for gate open and also vibration detection on fence if anyone trying to climb over.
They have survived and been accurate over 120F (48C) in summer while it's rated for 0C to 40C only.

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I do use one of those in a refrigerator and it seems to work quite well indeed! I never realized it was not rated for less than 0... interesting...

I want to report that I have the Xiaomi Aqara Temperature sensors operating rock solid now. The trick was to add a few Ikea plug/repeaters:


around the house. Now my Xiaomi Aqara temperature/humidity sensors are staying online and not falling off the network anymore. Hope that helpse someone.

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