Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected

It is ideal if both the SmartThings and Phillips Hue hubs are operating on different channels than the Hubitat Hub.

I don't know of any way to turn off the SmartThings hub's ZigBee radio, but you can check its chosen ZigBee channel by logging into the SmartThings Groovy IDE, going to the My Hubs tab and then scroll down to the ZigBee section to see the channel.

If by some chance, the SmartThings hub ZigBee channel is also 13, you could try shutting it down, removing the batteries for a minute, and then starting it up again, which may force it to choose a different ZigBee channel when it sees another hub is using that channel. Otherwise, it may be necessary to do a hard reset (one user mentioned it quite a while ago here, but I don't know how much that messes up user settings. I would search the ST forums to be sure.

I don't use a Hue Hub, but I remember reading the channel can be changed via the Hue App.

As @SmartHomePrimer stated, repeaters should be paired first when building a ZigBee mesh. Please also see this Hubitat support page: How to Build a Solid Zigbee Mesh

To change SmartThings hub zigbee channel just email SmartThings support and tell them it is conflicting with your other zigbee devices. They will change your channel.
That is how I changed mine.


I never have ANY issues with my v.2 Iris motion sensors. :blush:

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I have had a experience I'd like to share with others here, in regards to "keeping them connected".
I specifically changed out a number of my zigbee devices, for the Ikea Tradfri repeater, and control outlet. As well, I also put in a number of the 2018 Samsung ST outlets. I believe that I have a stronger zigbee mesh.
I noticed that a number of my Xiaomi Aqara sensors all stopped reporting at one particular date/time. It was in the last few days, but I'm not sure if it was a

  1. hub shutdown
  2. zigbee shutdown
  3. some other event
    that caused those devices (motion detector, leak sensor, temp/humidity sensor) to go "off the mesh".

Anyone know of a particular event that would causes these devices to go "off the mesh"?

I have found ST outlets to be poor repeaters for Xiaomi devices. Since I removed these outlets my mesh has been solid.

That would be the problem, if I were to guess... I mainly use Trafri outlets/repeaters. But when I had the 2018 samsung outlets in my house I had Xiaomi issues. I specifically tried a few after someone said they didn't interfere with their Xiaomi devices - well they did with mine. As soon as I removed them my Xiaomi devices went back to being reliable...

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I've found the newest/2018 generation to work fine for me--most of my repeaters are either those or the Ikea Trådfri outlets. I don't have a lot of Xiaomi devices anymore, but I had a couple paired through the the new ST outlets that both Hubitat's route info page and my Xbee never showed again, so I couldn't verify where they were actually still routing, but I've never had a Xiaomi device change routes when I was able to check (some have), so I'd guess they didn't. (The Trådfri outlets are also pretty unappealing compared to my other repeaters for most devices that I can see...)

Still only one data point and a questionable one since I quickly lose the ability to verify their route. I wish this didn't happen.

My apologies if my observation was not correct and has caused problems for other people. (Though it would be nice to verify the route info instead of guessing. An Xbee should work, though it doesn't always get my entire network, and Hubitat has had a built-in tool for a while now too. After pairing you could at least use that to see where it's routing--it should be new enough that it still shows. Physical proximity doesn't always predict Zigbee routes.)

No problem, and not interpreted in that way! :slight_smile:

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I still use mine, but they are at the physical periphery of my zigbee network (monitor washer/dryer). There's only one Aqara sensor close to them, and as you'd predict, it falls off periodically.

I hope the next gen Aqara have power monitoring and a more accessible on/off switch.

No worries and definitely no apology is in order.

I like/use my ST outlets for a separate reason. Their power monitoring is fantastic, and I use them for washer/dryer notifications. And I could care less about the Aqara sensor that is by the laundry area - it's a vibration sensor on the dryer. But power monitoring turned out to be far more reliable anyway.

Sorry if my post was accusatory - wasn't meant to be.

Agreed. We all just report our experiences. No apologies needed from anyone.

In my case I just returned the two 2018 Samsung outlets to the store. No harm done.


It's off to Ikea I go to replace those 2018 Samsung Zigbee outlets with (the crappy looking) Ikea outlets!

Ikea: Why oh why are they the only ones that make repeaters that work with Xiaomi?
Who knows? It really doesn't matter...

Subjective, but I agree. :smile:

I am hoping once the zigbee 3.0 versions of the Xiaomi devices come out we will be done with this nonsense...

I read somewhere that there's a redesigned Tradfri outlet in the works. I googled, but couldn't find it. In the meanwhile, the Tradfri USB repeaters are far less conspicuous and also work with Aqara devices.

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@SmartHomePrimer has hypothesized here that there are (based in part on the fact that at least some Ikeas have the current ones on clearance), but I think that's all I've read on the subject. That might be why Google doesn't return anything, either. :slight_smile:

It would definitely be nice if they did!

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To be on the safe side, I have removed the 2018 Samsung outlet from the "reported to work" list in the opening post.

Also, I have added information about changing the Hubitat hub's ZigBee channel as a troubleshooting step when having Xiaomi / Aqara device pairing or connection issues.


If I may ask a question of the experts here:

  1. Among other Xiaomi sensors, I have one on my garage door (a window/door sensor) to tell me if it's open for a certain period of time, etc.
  2. It has always checked in, every hour or so. So, in Device Watchdog I check if it has been active in the last 2 hours. If not, I report that the device has dropped. I check at 6am.
  3. Here is the events from that device:

    Notice that it stopped reporting at 2:52 am, and it was reported as being dropped at 6 am (not shown).
  4. However, it magically started back up at 7:37pm.
    It was down (and out) for (approx). 16 hours!
    How are we supposed to deal with that?
    Why did that happen?
    (No changes in the Hub during that time. The garage door may have been opened and closed, I'm not sure).

Anybody have a theory?

I don't, but I've seen a few people post recently that they've seen their Xiaomi sensors do that. Not sure if it's new behavior or if people just happen to all be commenting lately that they've seen this occasionally.

One hypothesis would be that Xiaomi devices don't necessarily "fall off" the network if their hourly checkin is missed as is widely assumed, but perhaps it depends on the repeater (we know to a large extent that repeaters already matter) or end device (are the sensors where this happens newer batches?). But a question is why: was it unable to find its expected repeater? Did it start checking in again after it found a new route, or was it just old route working again? (I've noticed my own Xiaomi devices preferring to fall off the network rather than find a new route if something happens to their parent, but I've seen others claim they've seen the route change. I've seen "regular" Zigbee devices take a few seconds longer than normal to report something if their parent is missing, but that wouldn't explain the 5 hours here...)

I’ve seen mine drop off for as much as four hours. And when I say drop off I mean not check in on the hour. That being said, it was still functional. During that time. So I don’t think it actually dropped off. Just that the messages were getting lost.

Next time you notice it drop off check if it’s still reporting events.

I forgot to mention in my note that there was no change in my zigbee mesh. Furthermore, I am using only Ikea repeaters and ikea outlets.

For what its worth, I have a 2 zigbee devices that refuse to reconnect when the hub is rebooted (either manually or due to a firmware upgrade), power cycling the non responsive device will cause it to re-connect. Interestingly this ONLY occurs where the problematic devices are connected through a repeater. If the same devices are connected directly to the hub, they have no issues. Different repeaters have been tried to no avail.

Try rebooting your hub and see if any of your problem devices that go through a repeater drop.... if so, perhaps the same thing is happening on your devices and this will narrow down the troubleshooting.