Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected

Hmm, I thought this thread was about the radio connection, not the physical connection to the house :grinning:

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The amount of enjoyement I'm getting out of hubitat & this community is worth way more than a lousy 100 bucks. This has got to absolutely be the best 100 I even spent


i am new with hubitat and setting up things. I have few aqara contact sensors which are working excellent. 1 temp sensor also working very well. 1 aqara motion sensor ( placed near temp sensor ) does not report activity ( reported last activity about 12 hours ago). I can still see this in devices.
Please help

your sensor has lost connection you will likely need a compatible repeater device such as an ikea repeater or an Xbee3
read the first post in this thread for compatible devices
If you have incompatible devices they may route through them and cause the aqara sensor to lose connection.

i have aqara temp sensor very next to motion sensor and that is sending normal. Is there any difference between signal reception of sensors

It really isn't a good indicator that you have a strong enough signal if one device stays connected and the other drops. Eventually the temp sensor will drop too if the signal is inadequate.

Adding a Trådfri Outlet or XBee3 as @NoWon suggests will keep the Zigbee mesh stable for the Xiaomi and other devices. Both are Zigbee 3.0, so you will have a good result. If it's far, get a few Trådfri Outlets or repeaters. They're no where near as strong as the XBee, but still, two cover my small home so they're not horribly weak.


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Will do this.
Are you guys removing the existing round double sided tape before putting these?

I am cut small pieces of velco strips makes it easier to take off and adjust later.

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These work great holding sensors on my aluminum door and window frames.
Scotch Clear


That must be the material Flic is using. It's good stuff and I had read somewhere on their FAQ that it was 3M, but then couldn't find that later. Yeah, it's amazing stuff. I wonder if I can get it here in Canada? Thanks. I'll investigate further.

Anyone have the Original Xiaomi Motion sensor(without Lux/light reading) model RTCGQ01LM
staying connected? I joined one thru my Tradfri plug, and it keeps dropping. I have 2 of the newer ones RTCGQ11LM and those stay connected over several weeks now.
(The older sensor has a reset hole, versus a reset button on the newer one.)

I just got 4 Xiaomi temp/humidity sensors, as well as some door sensors to play with.
They are showing "Last Activity" as being recent, but the temperatures seem to enjoy taking 2-3 hours off.

And this is really messing with my rule for tracking temps every 15 mins to try and balance the HVAC system


Per my practice, I can see Xiaomi temp sensor won't update the event log if temp is changed less than 0.5 F..

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Good to know!

So it doesn't look like a device "problem" per se?

Ya. Those devices have a few quirks. Like not reporting temp changes unless it’s significant.

And the motion sensors only report lux value when motion is detected. So can’t use them for any sort of automatic light rules when no motion exists

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Makes learning how these things "work" really challenging. I wasn't sure if my variables were set properly, if my triggers weren't triggering the capture of the temps properly, or if the $10 chinese piece of junk was just not working.

Fortunately this community comes to the rescue.

I am wondering you are using the original one.

I have both round (original) and square (Aqara) temp/humidity senor .

As I can see so far, original one only reports if temperature changes 0.5 C/F or more, or humidity changes 0.5% or more.

Aqara one will report more often, but the disadvantage is battery drained really fast.