Xiaomi 4 & 6 button scene controllers?


These show up in the Xiaomi Aqara Home app, but I’ve never seen them for sale anywhere.

Anyone know anything about them? Are they available outside China? Are they old products no longer available or new products not yet available?

Google has brought no joy, but I would love to get my hands on one to try it out.

[Release] Xiaomi / Aqara device drivers
Will the new Xiaomi/Aqara Zigbee 3.0 devices be natively supported by HE?

Ah, it seems the app was giving me a sneak peak. I found them!

What do you think @mike.maxwell ? Place some orders and we can get official driver support with the Aqara Zigbee 3.0 versions?


If someone wants to take a chance on this, meaning purchase these, then loan them to me to have a look at then sure...


As soon as I can get the 4 and 6 button scene controllers, that's just what I will do. I'll have them shipped directly to you first.


I'm much more interested in getting the zigbee debug logging to @veeceeoh or @guyeeba as I think that will lead to a functional driver much faster than being in @mike.maxwell long and busy queue.

Plus, if there is something weird about the device then Mike might not make a driver at all (a la the current goofy aqara devices)... Whereas from the user side we are a lot more accommodating to semi-standard devices and programming in workarounds.

That is, of course, unless it takes platform changes... Then Hubitat will probably need a device at some point.


Last thing on this... One article I read said the new devices announced today should be commercially available mid-August.


maybe, but button controllers such as this are literally an hour or two, no matter to me which way you go, In any event an inbuilt driver won't ever exist until such time as I have a sample anyway...


Understood, and no offense meant at all. You are just very busy.

Personally, I usually prefer user drivers over the in box ones - when there is an option.

The in box drivers are always very minimal functionality and often don't have some of the nice configurability of the user drivers, or simply omit parameters altogether that I want to use.

I fully understand why Hubitat does that, but that is what makes me prefer user drivers.

Oh, and on user drivers everyone can see the code and fix/extend it if needed. Can't do any of that with in box drivers.

And drivers that share a code base with ST have a MUCH MUCH larger user base, which should ferret out code issues faster as well.


OK, but it's a friggin button controller, seriously how many options does one need...
If you guys don't want inbuilt support for these, its fine by me, as you say, I have enough to do already...


I only speak for me.

More in box drivers is nice for the masses, even if they aren't often useful for me personally (unless you want to start publishing the in box driver code - that would be extremely useful).

Sorry to derail this thread. In my comments above I was more thinking about some of the other new Aqara devices that WILL need more options and configuration capability than the in box drivers typically provide, and not specifically the button controller.


A few facts and then some prognostication:

Facts (as best as I can make out)

  • The "Scene" Switches announced in that Aqara presentation are from Opple, a large Chinese multinational lighting manufacturer.
  • Opple has a smart lighting product line already, but they are all BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy based.) I could not find any ZigBee products currently made or sold by Opple.
  • Opple has a worldwide presence, including a EU channel, but they do not have a presence in North America. This is important in terms of the mains power voltage requirements of their products.
  • The smart lighting product numbers listed in that HomeKit news site link are already in use by Opple, for different (non-smart) lighting products.


  • I can't find any information to confirm / deny that these scene switch products are mains-powered wireless switches or battery-powered wireless "switches" (aka buttons). Resellers of Aqara/Xiaomi/other Chinese smart home products use "button" and "switch" interchangeably, and often use the term "wireless" regardless of whether the smart home product is connected to mains power or battery-powered. My guess is that they will be mains-powered, solely because the screenshot shows a in-wall-switch-like bezel around the buttons.
  • I can't read Chinese, so I have to rely on the screenshots from the linked news article, and the "Aqara/Opple" text under the announced products make it sound like they are possibly a joint venture. My guess is that if they are in fact ZigBee 3.0-based, then they may be using Lumi "technology" and firmware.
  • I looked for Opple and these announced products in the ZigBee Certified Products list as well as on the FCC.io site and found nothing. That doesn't mean they don't exist, because they could be using a ZigBee 3.0 module made by yet another company. But with the absence of information on them, I'd have to guess it's going to be quite a while before shipping products are seen in the "wild", well after August of this year.


Ok. I’ll order for @mike.maxwell, you order for Keith. They can race. But be warned, Mike has a three-wheeler :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


well, probably a little better than a three wheeler...


The Aqara Home App shows them under my Aqara Hub HomeKit edition. This is how I learned about them before they were announced. Opple doesn’t show them in their lineup. Maybe an exclusive product for Xiaomi. The Aqara Hub HomeKit Edition does not have BLE like the Aqara Gateway or the Mijia Hub does. So they cannot be Bluetooth. The new M2 HomeKit Hub also doesn’t have Bluetooth. To my knowledge, the only devices compatible with the Mijia hub and Aqara gateway are the Mi Flora 4 in 1 sensor and the Mi Flora Smart Flower Pot, both made by Huahuacaocao (AKA HHCC).

If the scene controllers are wired, they are also wireless for sure.


If you use Chrome, it should give you an option to translate and you'll get the gist. For text in images, you can use the image capture feature in Google Translate. Works pretty well.


It says,

Helping the whole house intelligent new upgrade

Zigbee intelligent linkage for more rich automation and scene control

Colorable temperature, a variety of lighting fields
Adjustable brightness and color temperature to meet the individual needs of different scenes of consumers

Support wireless scene switch
Support Zigbee's argument, distributed human network, more convenient, with low power consumption, high stability and high security

Support for access to Apple HomeKit
With the Apple family APP linkage with other HomeKit-enabled accessories, give you a smarter, live home experience


I was most definitely not suggesting that the announced Opple products are Bluetooth-based. My point was that the company has no previous "smart" products that are ZigBee-based. So my guess is that they received help from Lumi on that front, and perhaps make use of Lumi PCBs/firmware.

Well, of course all ZigBee-based products can be labeled as wireless! :joy: My problem with the terminology is that Aqara calling a product a "wireless switch" doesn't tell me clearly whether the product is an actual mains to lights switch or just a battery-powered button.

Search for " Aqara Wireless Smart Wall Switch" or "Aqara Smart Wireless Wall Switch" and you will encounter both their actual mains-powered and the battery-powered button products that have the same appearance when wall-mounted (models WXKG02LM, WXKG03LM, QBKG03LM, QBKG04LM, QBKG11LM, QBKG12LM, and all the new T1 variants).

So, unless someone has read something I haven't, I could not find any definitive information as to whether these "scene switches" are just buttons or wall-installed mains-powered products.

Having lived in SE Asia for nearly a decade, I am well aware of Google Translate and all other translation tools that are available. My point is that it's not easy to do searches for Chinese news sources if you can't read Chinese. As far as I've been finding so far is that there is currently a dearth of information on these newly announced "Aqara/Opple" products.

Thanks. I now feel properly schooled.


:rofl: Just a series of misunderstandings in our two posts. You're a good sport.

Apologies. A misunderstanding on my part.

This point is well understood. Communication is not their strong point. They made a major announcement two days ago (their time zone), and it's not even listed in the "News" section of their website yet. :crazy_face:

You really are a good sport Keith. You know more about the Xiaomi line than I do, but I just thought that perhaps you had not used the google translate images feature. It's shockingly accurate on the crappiest of photos and even compensates for the morié pattern you get when photographing another LCD screen.