Xhk1-ue keypad

i have read and read and read these forums to try to get the keypad to pair.

Right now when i put in the batteries i get the green light flashing 3 times then stops for a few seconds and flashes again.

i have tried to hold down the button while putting in batteries (not sure when to release). Also tried to press the button 5 times after i put batteries in.

nothing seems to work when i try to pair it to zigbee.

Anyone who knows how to do this?

I was able to get one to pair last weekend. I think what worked for me is after pressing the tamper switch as I inserted the batteries, I pressed a few buttons on the keypad as the Hubitat was in zigbee pairing mode. I was able to get home and away modes working but not night mode for some reason. I'll see if I can find the guides I used to connect them.

i start pushing the gray button before i enter the batteries and then hold it while adding all 4 batteries? then after the last one is entered how long until you let the gray button go?

Just removed it and re-paired it by doing this while the Hubitat was in zigbee discovery mode:

  1. Remove batteries

  2. Press tamper button 5 times

  3. While holding tamper button, reinsert batteries.

  4. When green light inside comes on, let go of the tamper button. Device was recognized right after that.

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