Xfinity/Visonic MCT-350 Zigbee Contact Sensor w/ Tamper Alert

I have seen that a driver for the Xfinity (AKA Visonic) MCT-350 has been asked for before, I do know the generic driver works, but many want the Tamper feature.

Well fret no more I got board today and with the help of GPTChat I have created a driver that also includes the tamper alert.

you can get the driver here


That's very cool. I know just enough about writing software that this could be a dangerous trick.

May I suggest you figure out how to add it to Hubitat Package Manager? That app seems to be the repository for most projects like this, and it will make your driver easier for people to find (and install, and update).

The end of humanity is nigh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes I plan to get it there, just some tweaks i want to due to it first. I initially did this for a friend as his kid like to remove the battery, now he will know if its tampered with. Also making another for my home made power detection for checking if main power is on or off. Just ordered the parts and once they get here, then need to try my hand at 3d design a box to house it.

I want to update my half a$$ version and make it more cookie cutter as i have a few that want one.

But yes GPTchat is getting better, i use it alot at work for SQL script writing and it has helped me learn SQL faster.

Whats next??? Skynet. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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Curious if anyone has gotten a battery reading out of the MCT-350 using this or any driver? Lack of battery monitoring is an oft-discussed topic in this forum.

Yes i get a read out with the driver, time will tell if it updates. Since mine are newly installed all my batteries show 100%

Unfortunately that’s not dispositive, unless you start getting values below 100%

Ya. Even my friend said they all show 100 but his are mostly new also. Time will tell i guess