Xfinity IP Control?

After doing some research, I can see that the Xfinity box can be controlled over IP with Control4. Has anyone seen any way else to do this?? Seems it's been out for a couple of years maybe someone has reversed engineered it.

Reference Doc for Control4

(BTW, I could have sworn I wrote about this before but can't find the post!)

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Watching also....

Wonder if the comcast business routers can be control that way?

Any more luck with this?


Here's what you need to do for an x1. Using the supplied remote hit the big button in the middle, for about 20 seconds (mine says Rogers others have Comcast or similar) then the down arrow twice and then the number 2 from the keypad. That will put you in the diagnostics menu. There is an entry for IP control on the menu. You will have to reboot which is also on the menu. I'm using wifi but an ethernet connection also works. Let me know if you need more assistance.

I can confirm that this gets you to a diagnostics menu. IP control is an option but I cant enable it. After some troubleshooting I also realized that the ethernet port isn't working on the box.

Do we have an actual API document?

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I don't have an API document. I'm using Control4 with the IP driver over WiFi without any issues. It is likely available on the Xfinity developer portal though.

I checked my notes and it is the exit button for 5 seconds and then the down arrow twice followed by pressing 2. I may have sent you to the "read-only" version. Try that and see if you can change the IP control settings.

That seems to be the same menu. I am guessing that I can't enable it until the box has an IP address.