Xbox launch game

Hi, i have to ask, but i have setup an IR remote which i can tell alexa to turn on tv, change channel, etc. even turn on or change mode on my AC.
I also have my rgb lights setup and I want to know if with an alexa command i can say "alexa gamming time" and launch an xbox game, turn tv on (maybe change it to input where xbox is), launch the game, lower main lights and turn on rgb lights

Can i have a rule to do all that or am i just kinda alucinating with something like this....

Easy with broadlink RM pro, and logitech hub.

will RM mini 4 do it? i saw the pro manages also radio signals which i have none. i just order the mini. i have a tuya IR remote... and the hubitat hub only. Is the logitech different?

RM mini has only IR.
RM pro also has RF, temp sensor.
Logitech has IR and bluetooth. For ps4 to turn on you need BT.
How can you turn on your xbox? Through IR or it's controller?

You can turn on the Xbox with this custom driver:

I added the switch to Google Home, so it can be turned on via voice - I assume you can do the same with Alexa.

But it only powers it on, it can't launch a game.

There's also an Xbox SmartGlass driver that says it can send button presses, so maybe you could use that instead to launch a game? I haven't tried it myself (it is more complicated to set up).

both have the temp and humidity sensor. in fact it doesnt have it on it. its with a different cable that both can handle.
I am currently able to turn on xbox with alexa since there is an xbox skill that can do it

ill take a look at it. seems complicated but ill try. i appreciate the info.

That's the rm4 pro the rm pro+ has it built-in.

Alexa is not local. Logitech hub, older firmware it is.