X-Sense Smart Smoke Detector

I saw an ad about "X-Sense Smart Smoke Detector" on YouTube the other day and I haven't noticed it before so I googled it up and checked some out on Amazon.

it's wifi supported and look pretty cool. Price seems reliable since it's Wifi and there one for a pack of 6 that all link together so if one goes off and all other goes off.

Have anyone use this smoke detector and is there a driver for it for Hubitat. It would be neat if it can be tied into Hubitat so I can set it up to turn on all the lights in house if any of the detector goes off.


Are there any smoke detector and carbon detector that already have driver support in Hubitat I have explored the z-wave and zigbee ones but seem pricey per detector compared to the wifi one

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First alert makes a z-wave smoke/co detector. The best is still Nest Protects. If you don't have a connector wire throughout your house for hardwiring, nest is the way to go. Some smoke detectors have dry contact terminals so you can hook a sensor to those for integration (kiddie). You can bring in pretty much any smoke detector using an Exolink Firefighter

The Zooz Zen55 is another option to consider - I'm using Jeff's driver and the setup works great.