Wyze Key Pad - Anyone using it with Hubitat?

Hi all.

I've got a Wyze Key Pad, ordered it along with the deadbolt (from Amazon).
Ended up not actually needing it as it didn't solve the issue I thought it would, so cancelled the deadbolt from Amazon but apparently no cancellations allowed from Wyze directly for anything bought on the site...

So now I have a 20 dollar key pad doing nothing, and I haven't gotten my Hubitat yet (on order), but I am wondering, before I let it collect dust (not worth spending the $ to drive to the post office and mail it back), is it zigbee or z-wave compatible and usable from within Hubitat as a generic keypad?

Can't seem to find specs on the keypad connectivity, so wondered who may be using it, if possible.

Send it back.

It'd cost me 2 bucks in gas, and another 5 to ship it. Not worth sending it back, like I said :slight_smile:

...then it's off to the drawer of shame :laughing:

Check out this for more details. I would not borther fussing with a device the manufacture doesn't support outsider their own hub.


Well, that's the question, how does it pair to the lock itself?
Is it zigbee? z-wave? something stupid and proprietary?

If it's basically a generic zigbee or z-wave, then it's worth mucking around with in my spare time.


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I read on there website in the forum that they were working on adding there sensors to Smartthings? I haven't seen anything official as of yet.