Wyze does it again!

$4.99 pm and you get the hardware thrown in...

Still trying to get my head around Wyze’s business model - volume play?

Anyone know what the actual hardware is?

Requires an internet data connection so if you're using your home internet connection and not a 4/5G modem you're at the mercy of any land based outages.

I personally wouldn’t use this as security solution, but competes with the likes of canary for those in the market for such a solution.

Aside from the curious business model, I wander if the actual hardware is useable via custom firmware or perhaps just standard zwave/zigbee devices?

Typically Wyze has been rebranding white label Xiaomi stuff. These look similar to some of the Aqara sensors. Wyze uses their own protocols so the only luck anyone has had getting the V1 sensors to talk to something else non cloud-to-cloud is by using a RPi as a bridge. [RELEASE] Alpha WyzeSense Integration [Code no longer being updated]

For the v1/2 cameras these were/are xiaomi xiaofangs with Wyze firmware but it since then it looks like they've moved to either designing their own or at least using custom enclosures. They sure look pretty nice though.

I guess we won't really know until Feb next year when these are released. I'll settle for being able to get my hands on a couple of Wyze v3's :smiley:

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Business model? Since the Chinese gov't essentially owns every business there and Wyze stuff won't function without an Internet connection it could be that it's a ploy to spy on every home they can get into. It also could be the loss leader model. Whatever it is I'm not playing.


Aren't Wyze's servers in the US?

In any case none of my Wyze/xiaomi cameras get access to the outside world. It's RTSP or nothing!

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Not having any myself I can't watch the network traffic to (dis)prove any of it. I'm going on reports from personal contacts that have done so and I've forgotten most of the details because I decided to not have any and that's all I need to remember. I'm confident others with direct knowledge will chime in.

I'm curious as to how you can block internet access and still use their devices.

I don't let anything even "phone home". Not Netgear, not Unifi, not Lutron, and not HE, to name a few.

Where there servers are located is irrelevant. They get all the traffic sent wherever they want and it's not hard to fake it. For example, they very well could have the traffic going directly to an IP address in the States and it could be simply a forwarding system that sends it to anywhere. I have to hand it to the Chinese for being masters of spying.

Just use the RTSP firmware and stream/re-encode locally.

How can you be sure that nothing else is being sent out? Do you block the egress with a firewall?

Yes, the camera IP's are completely walled off from the internet in my router.

Ok, then it's not true that they need Internet access to function. Buy more! :grin: Send me a few :wink:

If you have the RTSP firmware installed then no, they don't require the internet. I did have to have them connected at first in order to get them set up via the app.


Ah, replacing the firmware would make a difference :wink: I didn't pick up on that because I just assumed they do RTSP natively as an option. My mistake....carry on.