Wyze cams to increase sd card storage


Perfect! Anyone want to buy a few V2? I need to fund my new Unifi addiction.

All of my Wyze cams have been using 128GB SD cards for a long time.


I might be interested.

I have been using 64Gb cards for a while. I figured what the heck and wanted to see if it would work, and they work fine.

I am more interested in this article they linked to in there, which I just signed up for the Cam Plus Lite for $1 per month for all cams, if you dont have Cam Plus you can get just the Lite for whatever price you pick....

You can buy a Unifi camera of you sell 30 or 40 of the Wyze cams. :smiley:

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Only if you catch it at the exact millisecond that it comes into stock and you haven't already purchased the per customer allocation. It definitely is the Philips Hue to Wyze's Sonoff.

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I will pull them together and drop you a note. We moved last month - left some behind, so I need to do a proper inventory

This is great. I have a full 8 camera POE Lorex setup, cost almost 1000.00. I wound up placing a wyzecam v3 next to 1 of the lorex cameras, the wyze low light performance is incredible, and blows away the 4K(8MP) lorex performance, even with the Wyze not being 4K, and for 30.00, wyze has won home surveillance.
I've been using 128GB SD Cards for years, you just had to use FAT to format the card, which is easy to do with certain card format utilities

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I’ve been using 64GB high endurance cards for a while. My older cam pan cameras refused to recognize them, but my v3 cams did. So I took a working 64 GB SD card out of the v3 and put it in the cam pan and it was recognized. The cam pan cameras were sold on eBay after one wrapped the internal cable and broke it.

Yes, in addition to asking inane questions here, I also pester the Wyze folks.

And having just been bitten by the scanner bug, the users at radioreference.com are just getting a taste of my ignorance.

The TechHive article outlines part of what I hate about the Wyze business model. Let me know if this is Wyze or your local internet service provider:
"Look! Free stuff! Get used to using it and we will tell you how much you really need to pay to keep using it next year."

Come to think of it, their tech support is surprisingly similar.