Wyze Cams and IFTTT

This will be my first attempt at using IFTTT. I have two Wyze cameras and wish to have them record when contact, motion, smoke, co2 or h2o alerts are triggered. Can anyone give me a brief primer on this?

Wyze does not have a provision to have it be told to record, only record on motion itself sees.

So the re is no way to have HE act on the triggers by recording on Wyze running on the official firmware

There may be other hacked firmware out there that skates around this (Iā€™m totally not sure except I know there is at least one alternative firmware out there)

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I have an IFTTT pro account and have a couple of applets to turn cameras on and off in response to a Hubitat Trigger. They seem to be triggering OK, but the Wyze side of things has failed for the last couple of days. Does anyone know if the IFTTT/Wyze connection has changed functionality?