Wyze camera

Not connected to HE, but I just picked up a Wyze V2 indoor camera which Included a 32 Gb sd card at Home Depot for 32.00. it’s a pretty sweet camera for the price with a good quality picture and audio. It did a few firmware updates upon setup and it has a setting to listen for Smoke and CO alarm sounds and notify you with a picture. I put it in the garage ( where I already had detectors ). May get one to spy on the cats while we are away. Won’t need the motion detector Feature for that as I Already suspect the cats never move all day.


The Boss liked being able to check in on her baby (demonic, stupid, low voltage cord eating cat) so much, she made me order a PanCam so she can follow his actions.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Don't you find the 'panning' to be a mess with the pancam? It overshoots back and forth non-stop. Completely useless IMO.

I haven't received it yet. I'll install it, make sure it's only on when we are away, then the rest is on her.:smile:

I see they now release a cheap bulb (wifi) too.

As an owner of 2 v2 WYZE cams, and 10 WYZE cam pan cameras, I can attest to their quality and value. My wife knows when I go to Home Depot I may return with something not on the list. :sunglasses: