Wyze Cam V3 Firmware Update caution

Heads up to anyone using the wyze cam v3, attempted a firmware update via their app and it bricked my camera. On it with support, so far a re-flash of the old firmware did not work and replacement of the power cable did not work. I will update the solution when a resolution has been found. This puppy be bricked hard!!

forgot to add, update only if you feel you really need it to fix a bug etc otherwise let it roll.

I have four of them and updated them all yesterday with no issues. I Just hit update and then swiped closed the app. Checked on them a few hours later and all were updated and connected. 2 have SD cards, 2 dont.

Same! Updated my 2 Cams with no issues!

Understood that others experience may differ, as I have two cams and one updated fine and the other not so well, just a cautionary warning was all.
Glad to hear your kit handled it well.
So far customer support has had me try to reset, then reflash some old firmware, and last one was just a factory reset. None have worked, not sure what page I am on the customer support checklist. It is a process and eventually we will arrive at a RMA I suspect.

your upgrade process may have gotten corrupted, and it's bricked the cam. they should hopefully provide you a replacement. i played with one of the V2 cams a while back and custom firmwares, and wound up bricking it (oops)

oh yes I am sure the process got interrupted some how.
not the first time something has bricked but one of the few times it is not because I was experimenting with something. lol

I bought 5 cam v3 in april. 1 red lighted during June's OTA upgrade.
The cam has been replaced.
Now we are in August and suddenly (without any kind of interaction or power outage or whatever) 3 cams out of 5 are now showing solid red.
So now 3 cams are going to the garbage bin.

Welcome to the RLOD (Red LED Of Death) which as far as I can tell is a growing problem.

o wow, i'm glad i didn't invest in the v3. i have a bunch of v2 i'm using and they've been solid

Damn, sorry to hear, since nothing is wrong with my F/W I will not upgrade when it becomes available. I have checked and it is not waiting for me. When the last F/W upgrade killed my one cam I contacted Wyze and since they have no distributor in Canada (beyond Amazon) they would not honour the warranty (if is in writing somewhere, i hunted it down). I had to purchase a new one and it has been solid. If you are in a country that wyze will honour the warranty reach out to them, they seemed willing to help. Best of luck !