WYZE Cam Screenshot on Dashboard


I wanted to write up on how I got a screenshot from my WYZE Cam on my dashboard. It's very much a hacked together way of doing things and maybe by posting this, someone might be able to streamline it further.

I will start this with this: It's only stupid if it doesn't work.

Here's it what I used:

(1) PC - Windows 10
- BlueStacks Android emulator
- Tasker running on Bluestacks
- WYZE App running on Bluestacks
- DropBox account with application installed on PC
- Image tile on Dashboard

On the PC, install BlueStacks. Then install Tasker and WYZE App.
In Tasker, I have a profile that runs a Task every 10 min.
The Task runs these tasks:

  1. Launch Wyze, simulates taps on the "screen" to get to the individual camera I want, then it "taps" the Take Photo button in the app.

  2. After the picture is taken, I use Tasker to copy the picture I took to another location in Bluestacks file system. The folder I moved it to is the shared folder between Bluestacks and Windows. This was my location, I guess I could have changed it, but didn't.

Bluestacks Folder: ONEPLUS A5000\windows\BstSharedFolder

Windows Folder: C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\Engine\UserData\SharedFolder

  1. After the file has been copied to the shared folder, I then delete the file from bluestacks Wyze app folder that holds snapshots taken. If you don't remove the pictures, then they pile up in this directory and it won't move the right picture.

  2. Now the picture is in a folder accessible by Windows, I wrote a script to move the picture from the shared folder to the folder that is shared by DropBox and Windows. I have this script running as a scheduled task to run every 2 min. This will basically upload my picture to my dropbox account. It keeps the same name and will continue to overwrite the file.

  3. The file is in Dropbox, make sure to put the file in a folder that is shared publicly. Now use the image tile on the Dashboard to put to the URL to the shared picture. This allows for the picture to be shown on your dashboard.

That's it. It was very much a trial an error kinda setup, but it works. I also put a widget on my android phone that shows a picture from a URL. So now I can quickly glance at my phone and see my camera snapshot.

If you all have more interest on the details of the scripts or tasker steps. I can post them or copy them somewhere for you all to use.



This may be easier :wink:

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