Wyze and Nest Integration

Yup those are some very viable options. There are probably other options out there yet. I'm not familiar with ActionTiles but I know SharpTools is definitely natively supported and works very well. If you do end up going the splitscreen route and using a separate app for your video feeds, you may want to just stick with the hubitat dashboard as it can operate locally and not go through the cloud so the commands are much more instantaneous.

Dashboards are definitely a personal preference. I have tried them all and prefer HomeKit. To use HomeKit with HE you'll need to setup an instance of HomeBridge. There are several threads in this community explaining how to do this.

Thanks.. here is what i will be attempting...

iPad with split screen....
Half Screen - Hubitat home control
Half Screen - Blue Iris with Front Door (nest hello) and Garage (Wyze Camera) streaming.

Anyone see an issue?


Here's an example of my Hubitat/Wyze IFTTT video upload applet running:


Heres mine aaiyar, worked for like a lil bit then stopped hasn’t worked since.

not sure how these applets would help? where do the videos get uploaded to? how do i see the videos on my dashboard.....

They upload to the wyze supplied cloud storage. There is no way to get them on a dashboard except for the work around that I mentioned running a hombridge instance and I’m not even sure it can be done even that way.

Oh geez I over looked the fact that you can change to feeds on 5he cameras and run them as rstp feeds and that should allow you to intergrate them in your dashboard.

My IFTTT applet has worked without issues (that I know off) since I created it sometime in April.

My doorbell is rung maybe 2-3 times a day, and I get video notifications corresponding to each time the button is pushed.

Maybe your trigger occurs much more frequently, and you're running into some IFTTT restriction.

how do i do that?

@aaiyar, @biggkatt01
Sorry, I know this is an old thread, and maybe you've seen this already... But Wyze has introduced a separate version of their firmware that supports RSTP.

I was looking into adding a couple of very inexpensive cameras that support RSTP and came across this info. From the way I read their article the RSTP firmware is currently up to date, but probably won't be updated nearly as often as the regular branch that doesn't support RSTP.

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That is my understanding of the situation as well.

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