Wyze and Nest Integration


All hope someone can help direct me. I am trying to deiced between Hubitat and SmartThings.

I will have an Ipad wall mounted at the door entry and I wanted the Hubitat/SmartThings Dashboard to show the Nest Hello video feed or image frame every second or so. So i can see who is at the door.

In addition i want to see video feed from my Wyze Camera on the Dashboard as well. Assuming RTSP will work?

First is this all possible? how is this setup? any advise?

Can I put nest hello video on the Hubitat dashboard via nest shared video url?

Hello mstangel, I’m sorry to say that as far as I am aware the nest intergration that was being used on the HE platform was broken when google screwed with the api so there isn’t another official way to intergrate, but from what I understand if you run a hombridge sever and connect that to HE then you would be able to intergrate that way .as far as Wyze there is no integration with that platform of any kind. Hope this helps.

Actually, IFTTT is a very workable solution to integrate Wyze cameras with Hubitat. I use IFTTT to turn on and off cameras based on Mode of the house.

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When did they get it working Ogiewon, per most everyone on the forums it has never reliably worked for anyone.

I have two IFTTT/Hubitat Wyze applets. They've both worked reliably.

Yeah, same here.
I just wish Wyze would expose Pan/Scan on/off or Presets recalling.

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Are you referring to Hubitat's IFTTT integration? Or the Wyze IFTTT integration? I have had the Wyze IFTTT integration screw up a time or two over the past year. But nothing major. I would prefer a local, LAN-based integration between Hubitat and Wyze...but I don't see that coming any time soon based on Wyze's direction.

Ok I see what you are referring to aaiyar you mean simply turning the cameras on and off, what I am referring to is the notifications turning on and off and 12 second clip upload, it hasn’t worked that I am aware of those are the features I am referring to. I believe just turning the cam rays on and off has worked but for a lot of us that’s not what we want to do we want the cameras staying on but the notifications being turned off and on that hasn’t worked.

Both, the only feature that I could get working is to turn cameras completely off or completely on, that realy doesn’t help me as I want my cameras on 24-7 I just want the notifications to turn off and on.

One of my IFTTT applets does this.

Can i run Blue Iris with Wyze Camera and Nest hello video? Stream it to a Tile in Hubitat dashboard?

If you were open to using a cloud hosted dashboard you can do it. I use SharpTools and it allows you to stream your Nest cameras to the dashboard however you also have to make the camera feed public. I'm okay with it as if someone happened to stumble upon my camera feeds, they are just the front and backyard of my house which are pretty public areas anyways and we're not too worried about privacy in that regard but you might be more concerned about this than I. I do wish sharptools allowed for 2 factor authentication though, that would make me feel a little better about being able to control the locks and alarm through sharptools. Although it would be a pretty sophisticated hacker/local-burglar to pull that all off.

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YES... this is what i want. the Camera is showing driveway and front door.

Front door - Nest Hello
Driveway - Wyze camera

how do i set it up to stream to Hubitat dashboard that i will have installed on an ipad?

I don't think you can stream a nest or wyze feed to a Hubitat Dashboard. But if you install the built-in Sharptools App in Hubitat, you can then select what switches, devices, etc from Hubitat you want to share with SharpTools. Then you just create a dashboard at sharptools.io and launch that webpage on your tablet instead of using the Hubitat dashboard.


I prefer to run Blue Iris on a split screen with Homekit. The advantage to doing this is I can view multiple camera streams in realtime and the feeds are still local with no lag time.

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Geez, that's a great suggestion. It never crossed my mind to run split screen. Wouldn't have to share the Nest Camera's publicly, could just run the Nest App and a dashboard app separately at the same time...

Guess i am maybe asking the wrong questions...

what Dashboard should i be running on my Ipad? can i run blue iris and hubitat or homekit? if so what hub should i use smartthings or hubitat.

Goal is to have Ipad mounted by door. that has house commands/tiles along with Streaming video of front door and driveway camera (Nest hello and Wyze)

You can do like @Vettester suggested and run a split screen on your ipad and use something like Blue Iris on one side to see your cameras and then any other dashboard on the other side to control your home. Or you can use Sharptools to view your cameras and control your home in one screen. There is also ActionTiles which is similar to SharpTools if you wanted to look into it.

sounds good. thanks. so stick with hubitat.

use half screen with hubitat/blue iris

or use Sharptools (works with hubitat?) or ActionTiles (compatible with Hubitat?)