Wyze and Google Home Hub support is here!

The Home Hub support for Wyze Cam has been released.

  1. Go into Assistant > Home Control > Manage accounts > Search for Wyze.
  2. Add Wyze Home to assistant.

You can ask from the Home Hub "Hey Google, Show me [your camera name]", or you can ask from Assistant and it will show you on your Home Hub. I find asking via Assistant is a bit faster (3-5 seconds) to start the cast with the latest Wyze firmware, than asking via the Home Hub for some reason. This is great, because that's what I wanted anyway.

Now I will setup Google Assistant Relay, so when someone rings my doorbell (which closes a Xiaomi contact sensor), it will automatically show my front door on the Home Hub. When I open the door, I will have the front door contact sensor automatically stop the cast. Will probably use the Xiaomi motion sensor I put out front to do the same. Maybe automatically stop the cast after a period of no motion.


Very cool. I recently setup the assistant relay again so I could use it to monitor and control my car (recently managed to set global variables with the last response from assistant relay and have a driver for displaying info in a super tile mostly good to go)

This is another nifty reason to keep it running.

Assistant relay is really a cool bridge to many devices you would not be able to control.

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Agreed. One of my favorite "add-ons" to the hub.

I just set this up. Thanks for the heads up.
I did notice that it took about 20 seconds the first time I asked it to display on my home hub. After that it loaded it up in under 5 seconds. It took the same time whether from my phone or the home hub itself. I did notice that although it loaded quickly that the stream was 20+ seconds delayed.

So it seems that no matter what I am receiving a stream that is at least 20 seconds delayed...not bad for certain scenarios but definitely not for a a doorbell cam for me.

Hmmm, that's very long. I wonder how that can be? If the steam starts in 5 seconds, how can it be 20 seconds delayed? I just loaded this, so I have to experiment. Thanks for the heads up on that.

Buffering. The stream starts playback after a 20 second buffer...at least in my case. I verified by viewing the camera in the wyze app to see the camera time. I opened the stream on the home hub. The rest was math.

I also launched the stream again after a longer time...it took a while to load again. Not 20 seconds but at least 10.

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Ah, I see. It's there, but basically a frozen image with no sound for 15 seconds. I didn't notice that.

Will have to look more at this. Not that I'm not going to use it because of any of these current limitations. I primarily decided I was going to buy a Google Home Hub when I heard this was coming. Up to now, it's just been a place for pretty pictures where my Mini used to sit. I tried controlling my devices, and while it works, the scrolling is a crap interface. Wish we could trick it into showing Dashboards instead.

Bummer. That's a huge delay. I was able to walk back to my Google Home Hub and see myself still standing there. Rather odd actually. I see what you mean about the time to start the stream after a bit too. Well hopefully that can be optimized. The Wyze app on my Fire tablet is so much faster.

On the plus side, a custom command stop() via the HE Chromcast integration stops the cast immediately. Also, we talk to Google Home so little, I think I'm going to trigger this via Alexa routines so we can keep snubbing the Home Hub :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@stephack. @SmartHomePrimer

I am curious if either of you have nest cams. The next integration for Alexa is similar to the wyze integration. I have always noticed some lag with my nest cam. Just assumed it was the time it took to stream it to the cloud. Have the cloud di whatever it's it does with it. Then retransmit back down to whatever device you were using.

I do not. Far too expensive for what you get, to then have a subscription on top of that high price is not for me.

Yeah the wife purchased it for me at some point. I entirely agree. I have been disappointed with it. I am just curious if all such integrations will have a similar lag...

On a funny note I cannot even get my Google devices to show the nest cam atm. However Alexa is working like a champ.


I do not have nest cams either...beyond the price...I was not a fan of anything constantly uploading. Despite their claims of minimal bandwith, it just seemed totally unnecessary. I had similar concerns with Wyze but at that price point, I could play a little and the rtsp option sold me. Local only indoors. The convenience of the cloud for outdoors with potentail casting to my google home hub. Hopefully they can get the delay down to 5 seconds. Anything over 10 seconds is not really useful for me.

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Plus, Alphabet sucks. :wink:

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Just tested this with my Nest cam and also with my Nest doorbell. Both had very good results.
Takes about 4 seconds for the video to appear on the Hub with about a 1 second delay in live streaming. :sunglasses:

Just did the same test with my one Wyze pan camera. Took about 20 seconds for the video to appear and then has about a 15 second delay in streaming. :roll_eyes:

Now I just WISH I could stream my Amcrest cameras on the hub. Going to have to read up on sending stuff to the hub and see what can be done...

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Interesting stuff. Hoping the Wyze support gets faster so it is more useful.

In the meantime have you guys seen this really slick IP Camera integration with Apple TVs via Home Assistant? I would love to be able to do the same with my Hubitat and my wired POE IP Cams that are all over the outside of my house.

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Via Chromecast please, not silly Apple​TV :smile: :smile: :smile:

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