Wrong Time Between Displayed in Manage Conditions []

I setup a new rule yesterday and today after going to standard time the display is wrong. It was set up as between 12:00 AM and sunrise. I updated it to 12:00 AM and sunrise -4 minutes and it still displays incorrectly.

When I edit the condition I see this.

I haven't tried to update the specific time as I'm trying to preserve this for possible debugging.


DST change artifact most likely. Lucky for me, I can't test that here as there is no change...

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I'm having the same issue and was just about to post a question. I see I'm not alone. Hopefully this will be fixed via an update soon.

Sure you can. Set one of your Dev hubs to a location that has DST. :wink:

I empathize. In the industrial manufacturing sector I mainly work in DST is a pain. Most manufacturing facilities are 24/7 365, with a lot of the control devices being decades old (many decades old).

We handle DST no less than 10 different ways depending on the device and application.

As I said, a real pain.

See this post for the complete answer:

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Update - the condition is being correctly displayed today