Wow, help with new RM interface

I am using an image from @user437 's recent post.

Where is the documentation for the new changes?
Did it go by yesterday and I cannot find it?
Wow, that looks like a huge step, I think I will find it a huge step to ease editing existing Rules!!!


Per se, this table UI is not documented. However, there are mouse-over tool-tips for everything in the table, and it replicates the functionality from before. Beyond this table, Rule 5.1 is pretty much the same as before. Just play with it a minute and you'll figure it out if you've used Rule 5.1 before.

Moving an action up or down is new, but how could it be more obvious? Click on the top row of the table for some columns to see multi-choice pull-downs for that item (e.g., delete action).


Thanks to the new docs platform that makes it easier to keep documents private until the platform changes are public, this actually was documented on day 1. :smiley: (See the "Modifying Actions" section, in case the link doesn't go there already.)

Might be more easily explained with some help from screenshots, but the tool tips in the UI are pretty good even without this doc, IMHO.


Thank you.
I was\am overwhelmed just seeing a glimpse.
9hubs, I should count the rules some time.
I could not find the light switch if HE failed.
WAF is high!
No complaint here!
Thank you for your contribution to the mostest bestest.

Sweet, and as always, thanks!

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