Would you consider Smartthings again?

A bit of a risky question in here, but with the changes Smartthings are doing and their slow move to local automations has anyone considered dabbling in them again?

NO and Hell NO!


Not until freezes over, and fortunately I'm protected by global warming


We use ST. I'm a fan of the Edge platform. We have HE and ST tied together with Mira, works well for us.

Is ST perfect? No. But neither is HE.


Except I am missing something, ST still doesn’t allow to build complex local automations. The ‘Routines’ are as simple and as limited in functionality as the Tuya’s Smart Life ?

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I'm able to do anything I need with local routines. We don't use motion lighting though.

Presence also works great for me. And cloud based push notifications.


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Samsung as a business has a habit of deprecating functionality without comparable replacement across all of it's products. (Multiple watches can no longer be connected to the same phone and allow Samsung Pay on more than one, MST For Samsung Pay just went away - literally the ONLY reason to use SPay over any of the other NFC methods, groovy, the ability to use and develop complicated routines, deprecation of the V1 hardware, and more) They lured me into the ecosystem with the V1. Once I saw the writing on the wall, I left ST and love the fact that I haven't HAD to go in and fix things in well over a year. Anything I have gone in to adjust has just been to tinker and/or change my setup for increased functionality. With ST, I was constantly having to go in and fix things that were broken, dealing with outages, or preparing for changes that ST didn't care to make seamless in the background.

Samsung lost my trust and will likely never get it back. As a result, I have not only moved on from them in the home automation arena, I have moved on in wearables and am considering other phones. As to appliances, and review of the history of their hardware has mediocre at best.


How’s their hub migration tool working out these days?


No backup and no hub migration. Sorry never going back.




Their slow move to local processing started in 2015, and still going strong. In their own language the full local processing is coming soon, along with their migration tool and local running webcore. Jokes aside, choice is good*, mixing it up to suit your needs, is even better, it's just a matter of how patient one is.

*as JDRoberts used to say


I take the approach of @coreystup in that not every hub is perfect. For that reason I have a Cloud only ST setup that is simply used as a cloud aggregator for things HE doesn't have. I do this with HubiThings Replica though.

In my case it is for Arlo cameras. There time is limited in my setup though with policy changes at Arlo.


The answer to the OP is 'no.' Perhaps not 'hell frozen over no', but 'no' all the same. If HE magically disappeared, I'd look somewhere other than ST, at least at first.

I thought Samsung was completely out of ST. Am I mistaken about that?

I believe you are. Samsung doesn't make any of the hardware any longer. But, ST as a platform is wholly owned and operated by Samsung.... to the point it is an integral part of their phone OS's that has to be purposefully overridden even at the Bluetooth headphone level. Again, another example of things they have done over the years that make you scratch your head.

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They do offer a hub migration tool.

Samsung has the Station hub (no z-wave) and hubs built into TVs and Fridgerators.


Did you get an answer on this?

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The migration tool became available recently through their new Web App or under the hub in the ST app. The tool is not shown until you have multiple hubs.